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Bea Arthur Will Perform Ursula in The Little Mermaid, Disney Desired

The bad guy makes or breaks a hero, and “The Little Mermaid,” a Disney movie from 1989, has a great one. The movie is based on a Hans Christen Andersen fairytale from the 1800s. It’s about a young mermaid (voiced by Jodi Benson) who falls in love with a prince (voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes) and wants to become human because she wants to be with him. It got great reviews, made over $200 million at the box office, and won two Academy Awards. Not only did it start the Disney Renaissance of the 1990s, but it also inspired a stage musical, a spinoff TV series, rides at theme parks, and a live-action remake that is set to come out in 2023 (according to ComicBook).

Just like Ariel became the new standard for Disney princesses, Ursula set a high bar for all Disney villains that came after her. Ursula is the sea witch who takes Ariel’s voice and turns her into a human. She is accompanied by her pet moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, who are voiced by Paddi Edwards. Ariel only has a short time to win Prince Eric’s love. Ursula is still one of Disney’s most famous villains, thanks to her larger-than-life personality and the fact that her voice was done so well by the late Pat Carroll. But before Carroll was hired to do the sea witch’s voice, Disney had another Emmy-winning actress in mind.

The Notion Was Rejected by Bea Arthur’s Agent Before Its Realization

Bea Arthur Will Perform Ursula in The Little Mermaid

In “The Little Mermaid,” it was not easy to find the right voice for the evil Ursula. The group got their first ideas from artists like Divine and Joan Collins (via RadioTimes). They first thought of the “Golden Girls” and “Maude” star Bea Arthur for the part. But when the script was sent to Arthur’s agent, it turned out that not everyone liked their choice of Arthur. In “Makin’ Toons: Inside the Most Popular Animated TV Shows and Movies,” “Little Mermaid” co-director John Musker says, “Her agent probably read the script, which said the witch had a basso voice like Bea Arthur.” “…but she read it and thought we were saying that Bea Arthur is a witch. She probably didn’t even give it to her.” The book says that other actresses, like Nancy Wilson, Charlotte Rae, Nancy Marchand, and even Roseanne Barr, also tried out for the part. Elaine Stritch, who is best known for her role in “Two’s Company,” played Ursula for a while. However, she did not like the way Ashman directed the music, so she was eventually replaced by Carroll.

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Some of the heroes in the movie also took a while to find the right voices. Jim Carrey tried out to be the voice of Prince Eric before he became famous with movies like “The Mask” and “Dumb and Dumber.” Bill Maher and Michael Richards, two comedians, also tried out for the part of Scuttle.