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Black Clover 344 Review: See What Happened in the Ending

On Sunday, November 27, Black Clover chapter 344 came out, and it was exciting to meet what is likely to be the last three members of the Ryuzen Seven.

Two of the group’s members are clearly shown to be part of it, but the third and final member is most likely a suspicious person who has nothing to do with the issue.

In Black Clover chapter 344, the Dark Triad also came back in a way that had never been seen before in the series. Still, the Grimoires in front of them during their appearance in the issue show that the Dark Triad seems to be alive and able to use their magic.

Read this article to find out what happened in Black Clover chapter 344.

Sister Lily’s Group Touches Down While Asta Trains

At the start of Black Clover chapter 344, Lucius Zogratis says hello to Moris Libardirt and asks him how he is doing. Moris, who is missing his right arm, right eye, and both legs from the shins down at worst, says that when the Devil appeared, Lucifero pulled him into his ship. He thinks that Lucius is the reason he is still alive.

Black Clover 344 Review

He then asks him why he was sent here, and Lucius tells him that he wants to save him as much as he can right now. In the next panel, Zenon, Dante, and Vanica Zogratis, who are all members of the Dark Triad, are shown to be inside three magic cocoons that are around Lucius’ throne. Also, their Grimoires are out and seem to be doing something.

When Lucius touches Moris’s chest, all of his missing limbs and organs start to grow back. The second one shows that Lucius’s godlike magic is more than just Recovery Magic because the former Wizard King made a human body. But in chapter 344 of Black Clover, Lucius taps Moris on the head in silence, which seems to brainwash him.

Lucius tells Moris that he can do whatever he wants with his “sorcery studies and modification magic” as long as it is “in service of the world’s true peace.” This is easy for him to agree to as he walks away, so Lucius calls Sister Lily over. Now that she is more like a person, she goes up to Lucius and asks him what he wants.

In chapter 344 of Black Clover, Lucius says that the future in the Land of the Sun, Hino Country, has started to become less stable. He says this is an “inconvenient future” that “could threaten world peace” and asks Lily to take the Paladins with her and “cut that bad future short.” She agrees to this gladly, which brings the story back to the present, where the three of them are on their way to Hino Country.

Sister Lily tells the two Paladins that Lucius is so busy that they should take care of his worries themselves, even if they aren’t big or important. The Paladin, who looks like Heath Grice, agrees and says they can’t take even a few minutes of his time. The three of them then float through a town, where Heath Grice Paladin says he can’t feel any people.

Ryuzen Seven vs. Sister Lily’s Group

Black Clover 344 Review

Sister Lily stops in front of what looks like a torii gate in Black Clover chapter 344. As she sees it, she says, “That must be it.” Heath Grice then raises his hand, and it looks like he uses magic to smash the torii gate into pieces. Sister Lily then tells the other Paladin, Yrul, to use his magic, which makes him use the Beast Magic: Holy Howling spell.

The water starts to bubble up in five places where the Torii gate used to be. Then, all of a sudden, water shoots out and forms five dragon heads. Heath and Sister Lily then say that they plan to use the power of this “sacred dragon” to sacrifice the Land of the Sun to bring peace to the world. All of a sudden, the four people who had already met Ryuzen Seven people show up, and one more is coming to join them.

Ichika says that she never thought she’d fight the legendary five-headed dragon. She also says that as long as the Ryuzen Seven are here, the dragon won’t be able to touch Hino Country. In the Hino Country, someone teases Asta by calling him “kid” and asking if that’s all he has while he gets up off the floor. Asta is hurt and panting.

The speaker is then revealed to be a tall man with dark hair and scars all over his face. He says that he is the strongest member of the Ryuzen Seven. He tells Asta that no one cares how tough he is or how fired up he is. Instead, he wants Asta to show him what he can do.

Behind the man with no name is probably the last member of the Ryuzen Seven, who is sitting quietly and playing a shamisen as the issue comes to a close.

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Ending Explanation of Black Clover Chapter 344

Overall, Black Clover chapter 344 is a fun and interesting issue that sets up a lot of fun things to come in the series. The fight between Sister Lily’s group and the five-headed dragon and five of the Ryuzen Seven is sure to be fun. Even more exciting is the appearance of a new member, which means that fans will probably meet her in the middle of the action.

Conceptually, the idea that Asta’s training could end soon and he could join the fight against Sister Lily is also very exciting and can lead to some great character moments. Also, this is probably where his Perfect Zetten will make its debut, which fans have been dying to see for weeks.

In any case, Black Clover chapter 344 is a great issue to set up both Asta’s new training and the Ryuzen Seven’s fight for the next issue. Ryudo Ryuya’s absence in this issue is very strange, but fans can also expect him to come back soon as the shogun of Hino Country.