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Blue Lock Episode 8 Review and Ending Explanation of Team V and Team Z

In the eighth episode of “Blue Lock,” called “The Formula of a Goal,” Isagi and his teammates find out that they have to win their game against Team V because the points table has changed. With such a big game coming up in a day, Isagi can’t sleep, so he goes to train alone while the rest of team Z is also having trouble sleeping. They come up with a plan to stop team V, but it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would. Here’s what you need to know about the end of episode 8 of “Blue Lock.”

Blue Lock Episode 8 Recap

Blue Lock Episode 8 Review

Team Z finds out just before their game against team V that the game between team W and team Y ended in a tie. So, if they don’t want to lose, they now have to win their last game. Team V is under a lot of pressure because their opponents have beaten every team they’ve played against up to this point. Kuon has made it very clear that he won’t be playing for the team. He already has three goals, so he will move on to the next round of selection without having to do anything.

When the team starts to wonder if someone else could match Kuon’s goals in the tournament, Jinpachi Ego shows up on the big screen to tell them that the player with the highest Blue Lock ranking will move on to the next round. He then tells the players on team Z to improve their ability to score goals by thinking about how they have used their weapons on the field to score in the past. Ego tells them to pay attention to everything, from where they stand to how they dribble and shoot, in order to come up with a complete plan for the perfect goal.

Blue Lock Episode 8 Ending: What is Team Z’s Plan?

Isagi can’t sleep because the game against Team V is in 24 hours. He decides to go to practice instead. There, Barou is training by himself. Even though they don’t know each other well, Isagi doesn’t think twice about asking him for help. Barou doesn’t care about him, so he shoots a ball right at his face. But Isagi doesn’t give up and keeps making him work for it. To teach him a lesson, Barou goes up against Isagi one-on-one and scores a goal with ease. After watching how his opponent moves, Isagi figures out that he has a certain range from which he usually shoots for the top right corner of the goal.

When they play each other one last time, Barou scores again, but this time from further away, showing Isagi that his shooting range is a little bigger than he thought. Later, team Z has a meeting where they talk about how they will play the next game. Since Kuon won’t play, there are only ten of them. Since team V’s strikers have been the best in the tournament so far, they decide to start by playing defense. Once they get the ball back, they plan to score a goal with a surprise counterattack.

Who Scores First in the Game Between Teams V and Z?

Blue Lock Episode 8 Review

On the day of the game, Team V has a short meeting before heading to the field. Before they go out on the field, Bachira says he will do his best because if he doesn’t, he won’t get to play with Isagi again. Isagi keeps an eye on the team V players when the game starts and isn’t surprised when Reo Mikage leads them in an attack. He passes the ball to Zantetsu Tsurugi, who likes to take shots from mid-range and usually comes at the goal from the right.

With two defenders in his way, he decides to pass the ball to Seishiro Nagi, just as team Z had said they would do in their meeting. But before the ball gets to team V’s star striker, Igarashi cuts it. Team Z completely changes their game plan now that they have the ball in their hands and starts a counterattack right away. Igarashi passes the ball to Isagi, and Isagi passes it to Bachira, who is their best player at dribbling. So that team V doesn’t have time to get back together, he tries to throw a very long pass to Gagamaru.

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Gagamaru can’t quite reach the ball, so his only choice is to try a diving header, which he does almost perfectly. But the ball hits the goalpost, and team Z is only a few inches away from scoring. Reo is thrilled by what just happened, so he decides to do something completely out of the ordinary. He tells Nagi to try out their secret move and gives the star defender a long pass. Isagi is surprised that Nagi is able to control the ball even though he is in a bad spot and score the first goal.