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Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and All Streaming Platforms

Some people think it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. At least, Seiya, the champion of “Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Too Cautious,” thinks so. The goddess Ristarte called on the clumsy deity Seiya to save a world-ranked “S” for danger. However, the clumsy deity didn’t care about Seiya’s personality description. Seiya is very careful, even though he is very strong. Most of his time is spent training and getting ready for battle. Then, when it’s time to fight, he uses so much power that even his smallest opponents can’t stand up to him.

Based on a series of Japanese light novels written by Light Tuchihi and illustrated by Saori Toyota, “Cautious Hero” gained a lot of attention before and after studio White Fox’s 2019 anime version came out. It was one of the five best anime from the Fall of that year, according to Anime News Network. It got a lot of praise for how it made fun of common tropes in the isekai genre, which is becoming more and more popular. Even though “Cautious Hero” is popular, there hasn’t been a second season yet. Even so, Season 2 is still possible, so fans should stay cautiously hopeful. Here’s what we know so far if Season 2 does happen.

When Will Season 2 of Cautious Hero Premiere?

Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date

Like always, what people really want is a date. And as usual with anime, it’s not that easy. Even though there has been no official word about why “Cautious Hero” Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, White Fox still has a lot to do without it. When the first season of “Cautious Hero” was done, the studio moved on to other animated projects, such as the “Goblin Slayer” movie and the second season of “Re: Zero.”

Even so, the studio or, for that matter, the show’s distributors could at least say if Season 2 of “Cautious Hero” is in the works. So, the fact that White Fox hasn’t said anything about it could make you worry about whether or not Season 2 will happen at all. Sad to say, only time will tell if “Cautious Hero” will ever be shown again. Fans can always read manga or light novels until then to get their “Cautious Hero” fix.

What Will the Plot of Season 2 of Cautious Hero Be?

When we last saw our main characters, they had just defeated the Demon Lord of Gaeabrande and saved the S-ranked world for which Seiya was called. Seiya was brought back to life a third time after he died to defeat the Demon Lord. He and Ristarte were then sent to save a new world. With the news that Seiya and Ristarte were lovers in a past life, they are given Ixphoria, the world they tried to save but failed to do so many years ago.

But the plot summary for the next light novels says that things won’t be quite the same this time (via Cautious Hero Wiki). Because Seiya and Ristarte were not able to save it in the past, it is now considered “SS” dangerous. Seiya has also been reclassified as a bard who plays the flute. Seiya’s fight to save Ixphoria will be unlike any he has seen before. He will have new skills and be in a (sort of) new world. Still, neither of them gives up. To get the job done, all you need is to be careful and plan ahead.

Who Will Star in Season 2 of Cautious Hero?

Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date

If “Cautious Hero” Season 2 does come out, at least fans won’t have to wait to find out who is in it. Based on what happened at the end of Season 1, it looks like the main characters and the people who voice them will be back for Season 2. If that’s the case and the studio doesn’t make any big changes to the cast, here are some of the actors you can expect to see and hear when “Cautious Hero” Season 2 finally comes out.

Ristarte and Seiya have the best comedic chemistry in “Cautious Hero,” so their voice actors are sure to be back for Season 2. Aki Toyosaki and Yuuichiro Umehara are both experienced anime creators who have worked on popular shows like “K-On!! ” and “Goblin Slayer” (via Myanimelist). Shiori Izawa (Adenela), Ai Fairouz (Valkyrie), and Atutsi Ono are also likely to come back (Cerseus).

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Where Can I Watch the Anime “Cautious Hero” for Free?

You can watch “Cautious Hero” on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu, depending on where you live. On Crunchyroll, users can also watch anime with an English dub. You can also watch all 12 episodes on the YouTube channel for Muse Asia.

Final Words

“Cautious Hero: The Hero is Overpowered but Too Cautious” was one of the best anime of 2015. There hasn’t been a second season yet, but it’s still possible. Only time will tell if Season 2 will ever happen. “Cautious Hero” Season 1 ended with Seiya and Ristarte being brought back to life. They were meant to save Ixphoria, the world they failed to do so in the past. The main characters and their voice actors are likely to return for Season 2.