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Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Release Date, Streaming Platforms and Ending Explanation of Episode 9

Episode 10 of Chainsaw Man will come out on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. JST.

After the first attack on Tokyo Special Divisions 1-4, the other three were folded into Division 4 and put directly under Makima’s control. At the end of the last episode, Kurose and Tendo said that training for the newly formed Division 4 would start soon. This is probably what the next episode will be about.

But this is just a guess, as there were no spoilers for Chainsaw Man Episode 10 at the time this was written. Fans now have official, confirmed information about when the next episode will come out.

Follow along as this article breaks down everything we know about the release of Chainsaw Man Episode 10 and makes guesses about what to expect.

Release Date and Time of Chainsaw Man Episode 10

As was already said, Chainsaw Man Episode 10 will start to air on Japanese networks on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. JST. For most people around the world, this means that the movie will come out during the day on Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Release Date

Some people around the world, like Japanese people at home, will be able to watch the episode early in the morning on Wednesday, December 14, 2022.

  • Pacific Standard Time: 8:00 am, Tuesday, December 13
  • Eastern Standard Time: 11:00 am, Tuesday, December 13
  • British Summer Time: 3:00 pm, Tuesday, December 13
  • Central European Summer Time: 5:00 pm, Tuesday, December 13
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm, Tuesday, December 13
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11:00 pm, Tuesday, December 13
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 am, Wednesday, December 14
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 am, Wednesday, December 14

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 10?

Unfortunately, there will be an hour between when the episode comes out in Japan and when it can be watched on Crunchyroll. Asian fans can watch the episode right away on Amazon Prime Video and other MediaLink services, but fans outside of Asia will have to wait an hour before they can watch it on Crunchyroll.

“Chainsaw Man” Episode 9: Explanation of the Ending – Who is Makima? What is Her Strength?

Makima was shown in this episode to be just as crazy, cold-hearted, and smart as she seems in the manga. Only in the anime did they really get how distant she was. At first, Makima was shown to be dead because of how quickly he was killed. But this episode looks at her crazy abilities and her strange life. Makima is shown as a mysterious officer, and all of the agents who don’t have a high enough position can’t use her Power.

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 Release Date

As we meet two new characters, Tendo and Korose, who live in Kyoto and seem to be waiting for Makima to arrive, we lose two older ones, Himeno and Hirokazu, in the process. While they wait for Makima, they hear about attacks on Devil Hunter teams in Tokyo. They also hear about the attempt to kill Makima, which makes them wonder if they were just wasting their time. Still, they wait for Makima’s train to arrive. When it does, they are shocked to see Makima get off the train with blood all over her and not be hurt. She says that the blood is not hers, and the next scene shows the bloody scene left behind after the assassins have been killed. Their chests have a big holes in them.

She then tells Tendo and Korose to make sure that as many convicted criminals as there were thugs involved in the attacks in Tokyo are brought to the shrine in Kyoto where she is staying. She then blindfolds everyone, including Tendo and Korose, and starts her mysterious Jutsu. After making a mysterious hand sign with her hands, she would sit down in front of one of the criminals and ask him to repeat the name she said. Repeating the same steps over and over again until all of the criminals are dead and all of the bad guys whose names were called also die.

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Her power seemed to work with the help of crows since there was always a crow nearby when the bad guys were killed. She also killed criminals in Kyoto to get rid of criminals in Tokyo. This made her power simple, strong and tied to the weight of names. While Denji was being dragged away, one of the bad guys was crushed and blown up right away. This made the girl angry right away, so she ran to find out more about the team sent to kill Makima. When she got there, she heard the thug on the walkie-talkie die. She then realized that Makima was still alive and well, which sent her into a panic.

When Kobeni showed up, it was the icing on the cake, and she ran away with an injured Katana Man. When Makima was done with her little ritual, she met up with Madoka. Madoka told her that everyone from Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4 died in the gun attack, except for the non-humans. Makima says that this is a clear sign that the Gun Devil is behind it. Madoka also tells her that the people in charge have decided to combine Divisions 2 and 3 into Division 4, which Makima will lead. At the end of the episode, Madoka gives his resignation, and Tendo and Korose say they won’t join the current division. Makima took all of this in stride and kept her cool and detached personality.