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Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review and Streaming Platform

The new Chainsaw Man trailer starts in the cross-headstone graveyard, which fans of the manga will remember well from the many times the characters went there during the series. Then, fans hear Kenjiro Tsuda’s character Kishibe start to talk. He says that the hunters Devils really fear are “the ones with a screw loose.”

On Tuesday, November 29, the highly anticipated Katana Man arc began with the release of Chainsaw Man episode 8. But the episode started with the end of the Eternity Devil arc, which was mostly about what Denji did with Makima and Himeno after the night out with Division 4.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 then went straight into the Katana Man arc. The opening sequence was jarring and had an eerie, almost Hollywood thriller-like feel to it. After that, there was a short but quick and exciting action scene, which ended with the first major death in the series.

Highlights of Chainsaw Man episode 8

Chainsaw Man Episode 8: Friends Made and Plans Laid

Chainsaw Man episode 8 starts with a scene from the anime that shows Himeno and Denji walking into her apartment for the first time. When Himeno walks in, she trips and falls with Denji still on her back, which knocks both of them and a chair over. She then gets him into her bed and lays down briefly on top of him before getting up to take his shoes off.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review

She then goes into her bathroom, takes off her own work clothes, and takes a shower. She then gets a beer from the fridge and drinks it in the kitchen while complaining about Makima and asking what her deal is. Then, Himeno hears Denji crying for water in his room, which makes him go check on him and start the scene from the end of the last episode.

But the version in Chainsaw Man episode 8 starts with and is mostly shot from Himeno’s point of view. It also has new shots from the third-person and Denji’s points of view. The fans then go to the end of the last episode, where Himeno asks Denji if he wants to “do it.” As the episode’s opening theme music plays, he accidentally knocks over her beer can, which is now on the floor.

In the eighth episode of Chainsaw Man, Denji asks her to confirm that Himeno means “s*x,” which she does, and then she tells him to stick his arms up. As Himeno takes off his shirt, Denji thinks about whether he should save himself for Makima or take the chance with Himeno. He finally tells Himeno that he wants to do it.

She starts to take off his pants, but stops when she sees something in one of his pockets. She realises it’s a loose Chupa Chups lollipop, which makes her think back to when Denji and Arai left the bathroom earlier in the night. Makima says he needs to get some fresh air, so he takes him outside and gets some medicine for nausea at a nearby store.

In the eighth episode of Chainsaw Man, Denji asks Makima if every kiss he gets from now on will remind him of how puke tastes, since that’s what happened the first time they kissed. She tells him to open his mouth and puts the same Chupa Chups lollipop in his mouth that was in his pocket at the time.

She informs him that while he may never forget the taste of puke, he’ll have many new tastes and sensations before he dies. Chainsaw Man episode 8 returns to the present with Denji on the floor and Himeno sleeping.

He apologises to Pochita, stating he wanted his first s*x with Makima, but he falls asleep before finishing. He’s awoken by Himeno the next day, who brings him food, which they eat on her balcony. Himeno admits she blacked out and wonders if she took advantage of him, which Denji rejects, much to her joy and relief.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8: Under Fire

Denji wonders if Makima will come in Chainsaw Man episode 8, which shifts to Makima on a train to Kyoto. She tells a companion from Public Safety about her trip and upcoming meeting, adding that she had fun last night.

Two men in front of her and two behind her unzip bags from under their seats. Four men, calling themselves “Team C,” shoot Makima and a Public Safety agent with her. The episode shifts to Special Division 4 members who went out last night.

All are seen engaging in routine activities with civilians, but these civilians draw guns and point them at Division 4 agents as gunshots are heard. Power tells Denji it’s a taiko drum and asks Himeno if she and Denji had s*x last night.

Himeno says Denji is a gentleman after someone in Chainsaw Man episode 8 asks him how to eat their ramen. The man rants that bad taste as a child leads to bad taste as an adult, making it hard to be happy.

Aki suggests they leave as Power says she’s happy, and the man talks about his grandfather taking him to great restaurants. His grandpa was a respectable Tokyo yakuza who only killed a few women and children. The man asks Denji if he loves him too, revealing himself to be Denji’s former yakuza boss’ grandson.

Denji asks what he wants, and the man draws a gun and says the Gun Devil wants Denji’s heart, shooting Denji, Aki, and Himeno. Aki uses the Fox Devil to swallow Power after he punches him. The Fox Devil tells Aki he’s put something “outrageous” in its mouth.

Chainsaw Man Episode 8: First Death

Chainsaw Man Episode 8 Review

Chainsaw Man episode 8 features a blonde girl’s voice commenting on the Curse Devil. She compliments Aki’s moves before bending over Katana Man’s body and reviving him. Katana Man tells her he underestimated Aki.

In episode 8 of Chainsaw Man, she tells him to kill Aki this time, prompting Katana Man to get low and fight. The Katana Man appears behind Aki, blood dripping from his swords. Blood erupts from Aki’s chest after a few tense seconds, causing him to collapse and scream.

Himeno begs Power to go help Aki as the Katana Man kills him. Power is helpless because she can’t read Katana Man’s movements. As Himeno coughs up blood, the Ghost Devil calls her “dreadful.”

She tells the Ghost Devil she’ll give her everything, so it must do the same. This seems to please the Ghost Devil, who then appears with an infinite number of hands for legs, a tower of flowers for a neck, and sewn-up eyes and a mouth. This has a melancholy tone.

Himeno explains in Chainsaw Man episode 8 how Aki can cry despite most Devil Hunters’ dry tears. She explains that Aki can still cry easily as Katana Man and Ghost Devil fight. Himeno thinks it’s funny that Aki cries over babysitting rookies in private.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 8: In Summation

Episode 8 of Chainsaw Man shows Special Division 4’s first real danger. Another character whose Devil contract situation seems similar to Denji’s is also exciting and worldbuilding.

Chainsaw Man episode 8 shows Himeno’s death as a result of this first real danger. Despite her heartbreaking death, her final words to Aki are beautiful.

Overall, Chainsaw Man episode 8 is one of the best episodes of the season so far, and it’s a great way to start the Katana Man story arc. If fans have liked the show so far, they’re probably going to love what’s coming up in the next few weeks and episodes.

Where to Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 8

Fans all over the world will be able to watch the Chainsaw Man anime series on Crunchyroll. Fans of anime in Asia can buy a paid membership to Ani One Asia YouTube and then watch the series there.

There are also other sites, but there’s no guarantee that new videos will be added regularly, and the low quality might make it hard to watch.