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Chainsaw Man: is Himeno Dead? Is She Come Back Again?

Even though Denji, Makima, and Power are the main characters of Chainsaw Man, other characters have also caught fans’ attention and become very popular. One of these people is the Devil Hunter Himeno, who works with Aki or, more accurately, was given Aki as her new partner. Her story is very interesting. In this article, we’ll tell you how Himeno’s story ended, including if she’s really dead and what happened to her in Chainsaw Man.

Himeno is indeed dead in Chainsaw Man. During the Katana Man Arc, she died when she agreed to fight Katana Man and the Snake Devil for the Ghost Devil, with whom she had a deal. Even though the Ghost Devil was killed in the end, which made Himeno disappear completely, she was able to use the Ghost Devil’s hand to bring Denji back to life.

The rest of this article will give you a full picture of what happened to Himeno after her last fight with Katana Man. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we’ll just tell you the details so you can understand the bigger picture. But be careful, because the article will have a lot of spoilers, so if you don’t know everything, be careful about how you read it.

Is Himeno Dead in the Film Chainsaw? What Happened to Her?

Chainsaw Man: Is Himeno Dead

Himeno is a young woman with an eye patch who is a Devil Hunter from Section 4. She is secretly in love with Aki, and she will never stop trying to persuade him to stop being a Devil Hunter so they can live in peace. The Ghost Devil lives in her right hand and gives her the power to freeze someone or eat part of a target she is aiming at. She will give herself up to her Devil and die in order to save the other people in the Section.

Himeno had five other partners before he met Aki for the first time in front of a grave in a cemetery. He is Kishibe’s new friend, and Kishibe says so. Himeno says that all of her past partners died because they were useless. He must not die, she adds, and then she asks him if he is useful. Himeno asks Aki if he smokes and tells him to start since the Devil Hunters are going to die on one of their first patrols and they won’t have long to live. She figures out that the only reason he joined the Special Division was to fight the Gun Devil.

After Denji beat the Eternity Devil, Himeno carried him to her apartment on her back and kissed him until she made him drink alcohol. Himeno told Denji, while they were both drunk, that he should break up with Makima just like Aki had. She then asks him if he wants to have s*x. He says yes, but Himeno falls asleep before anything happens. The next morning, she’s glad she didn’t try to force herself on Denji, and they talk like old friends.

They even make a deal: Himeno will help Denji meet Makima, and Denji will do the same for Himeno and Aki. The next day, when they see Power and Aki at a restaurant, Power asks if the two of them had s*x. Himeno says no and compliments Denji for being a gentleman.

While they are talking, a man walks up to them and starts talking about how people like things. He tells them that his grandfather used to work for Denji. He then shoots Denji, Aki, and Himeno. Power knocks him out, and Aki’s Fox Devil eats him, but he manages to get out of the head and show who he really is: Katana Man. Aki gets ready to defend his subordinates while he tells Power to stop Himeno from bleeding so much.

Is Himeno Ever Going to Come Back to Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man: Is Himeno Dead

Even though Himeno is dead at the end of Chainsaw Man episode 8, she will technically come back through flashbacks in later episodes.

The Chainsaw Man Fandom’s breakdown of the original manga says that Himeno appears in four chapters: “Perfect Score,” “Minor,” “Easy Revenge,” and “The Darkness Devil.”

Fans all over the world are still trying to figure out what happened at the end of Chainsaw Man episode 8.

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“Chainsaw Man’s” Emptiness

The biggest difference between the world of Chainsaw Man and the world we live in is, of course, that people aren’t there. Even when we’re not looking at beautiful, creepy scenes of endless graveyards, the world of Chainsaw Man feels empty in a way that ours doesn’t. Everyone we meet has been hurt by Devils, and almost all of them have lost something important to them because of the Gun Devil. In Chainsaw Man, everyone is scared because of what happened one day over ten years ago. How could they not be? In just ten minutes, the whole world changed, and the scars can be seen everywhere.

As the series goes on, we’ll learn more and more about how Devils have changed the world. For now, it’s enough to say that Devil’s arrival was like a third World War or the invention of the atomic bomb. It completely changed the world’s political situation and has made every country fight hard for its own survival.

It has made people afraid and forced them to depend on a small group of trusted, skilled people to protect them from dangers they can’t understand. It has led to some interesting changes, like stricter gun laws and the survival of countries that have long been part of our country. Chainsaw Man makes up an alternate history for himself that seems strange but makes sense in light of how bad and silly his relationship with the Devils is.