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Gamera: Rebirth – Netflix Anime Rebirth Announced

Gamera: Rebirth is a project that Netflix and Kadokawa worked on together. So far, here’s what we know.

Want to learn all there is to know about Gamera: Rebirth? You’re in the right spot.

Kaiju fans, get ready to be thrilled. Even though Godzilla is better known, Gamera is still one of the most popular big monsters, and fans old and new will soon be able to see him again in Gamera: Rebirth, a reboot from Netflix.

Gamera: Rebirth is a joint project between Netflix and the Japanese media company Kadokawa. Not much is known about it yet, but there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it.

Release Date for Gamera: Rebirth

We don’t know when it will come out yet, but we hope to have more information soon.

Who is Gamera?

Gamera: Rebirth - Netflix Anime Rebirth Announced

Since the 1950s, kaiju (which means “strange beast”) movies have been a mainstay of Japanese film. They have brought some of the most famous monsters to the big and small screens. Godzilla is probably the most well-known, but Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and the monster in question, Gamera, are also big names.

In the 1965 movie Gamera, the Giant Monster, Gamera was first shown as a huge turtle that breathed fire and could fly and spin thanks to jets under its shell. Like a lot of kaiju monsters, Gamera is aggressive at first, causing chaos and destroying cities. But as the movies went on, Gamera became known as a protector and defender instead of a threat, which made him one of the cuter giant monsters.

Gamera: Rebirth Storyline

Shusuke Kaneko is in charge of the project, which doesn’t have a cast or a plot summary yet. But, hey, there’s more Gamera! We also have a poster that you can see below. About the only other official thing that has been posted online is a statement from Kaneko.

“Kadokawa was already working on a new project when I told them about my idea for Gamera during the Reiwa era. I thought the content made sense, so I also have high hopes for this project. So, as a baseball commentator who used to manage the Gamera team, I will continue to back it until it wins the championship and I get to take the plate again.”

Gamera: Rebirth - Netflix Anime Rebirth Announced

Now, let’s guess a little. First of all, I don’t think this is a series. It feels more like a movie to me. Since his first appearance in the movie Gamera, the Giant Monster in 1965, Gamera has been a mainstay of kaiju movies. He was in so many movies that the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 made a whole box set of episodes where they made fun of the monster’s movie career. And yes, I am very happy to own that box set. I digress.

We haven’t seen a movie about the monster since 2006 when Gamera the Brave came out. It’s been a while, to quote Staind. Now, based on what I see in the teaser and on the poster, I think this will be an animated thing. Again, most likely a movie. Based on what Netflix has done in the past, live-action seems much less likely. Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, which came out in 2017 and was followed by Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle and Godzilla: The Planet Eater, would be a good comparison. Why not do the same thing with the Gamera series?

No matter what, the “friend of all children” is finally coming back in the streaming age. I, for one, want more flying, fire-breathing, giant turtle action any way I can get it.

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Cast of Gamera: Rebirth

There are no updates on the casting yet, but we do know that Shusuke Kaneko, who directed three of the films in the Heisei era, won’t be back. However, he has given his approval to the new project. The director said that he has “high hopes” for this project and will keep backing it.

Trailer for Gamera: Rebirth

Even though this teaser trailer is only 20 seconds long, it gives an interesting look at the legendary monster. The striking image shows how big the beast is, and its glowing eye and guttural roar are the perfect way to end the trailer on a cliffhanger.

Final Words

Gamera: Rebirth is a joint project between Netflix and Kadokawa. Gamera was first introduced in the 1965 film Gamera, the Giant Monster. The teaser trailer gives an interesting look at the legendary monster. Shusuke Kaneko, who directed three of the films, will not be back for this one.