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Is Ymir Gay or Lesbian? Who is the Lover of Ymir?

Marley gave birth to Ymir, who was thought to be an orphan. She was taken in by a mysterious man who told a group of Eldians that she was a royal descendant and gave her the name “Ymir” after Ymir Fritz, the man who started the Eldians. When Marleyan authorities found the cult, they arrested them and gave them Titan serum. In 845, she woke up from a long sleep as a Pure Titan. She ate Marcel Galliard, which gave her the powers of a Jaw Titan. She was a thief near Wall Sheena until she joined the 104th Training Corps. After she graduated, she joined the Scout Regiment. She was about to die in Marley, where Porco Galliard, Marcel’s brother, ate her.

Appearance of Ymir

Ymir Gay or Lesbian

Ymir was a thin young woman with shoulder-length chestnut hair that was parted down the middle. In the manga, her hair was black, but in real life, it was a dark brown color. During the Clash of Titans storyline, some of it might have been cut off, since she was later seen with hair that stopped at her neck. She has freckles on her cheeks, and in the manga, her eyes are grey instead of light brown. She was a lot taller than most of the other soldiers, especially Historia and Connie.

During the Female Titan arc and up until her death, she wore a v-neck white shirt and dark pants as her everyday clothes. She wore the same outfit when she was a Scout, but her shirt was darker. When she was seen as a goddess around the year 785, she was wearing a white halter dress with a red sash around her waist.

Personality of Ymir

At first, Ymir was shown to be selfish and picky, and she didn’t care what other people thought of her. She showed this kind of behavior when she didn’t hold back when she said Armin’s squad was dead and didn’t feel sorry for him. In the AOT Official Guidebook, it said that she only talked to her lover, Historia Reiss, and didn’t talk to any of the other members of the Training Corps (known as Krista Lenz during that time). Even so, she was still willing to help Sasha with her accent, homework, and training, even though she helped Sasha embrace her accent in a rather rude way and said that her polite way of talking drove her crazy.

Still, she is a selfless person who took the blame for the cult’s existence by lying because she thought it would save them. When she woke up as a person, she promised herself that she would be as self-centered as possible and only think about herself. Even so, she gave up her life for Reiner and Bertolt, apologized for eating Marcel even though she didn’t understand what she was doing, and lived for Historia instead of herself.

Ymir had a good sense of perspective and was emotionally smart. He noticed Sasha’s fake accent and Reiner’s dissociative identity disorder right away and was able to quickly grasp and understand her situation after she and Eren were captured. Even though she had shown a kind side, she was quick to make fun of other people. For example, she called Eren a stupid kid because of how he was acting, and she made fun of Connie for saying that Titan was his real mother.

About the Sexuality of Ymir

Ymir Gay or Lesbian

Even though Ymir’s sexuality is never confirmed directly, most fans believe she is a lesbian because her only canonical love interest was Historia and there is a scene with Reiner where she seems to say she doesn’t like men. In the Junior High Series, Historia and Ymir “break up,” and Ymir says she’ll find another cute blonde girl and go on a date with her. Near the end of Marley Academy, the prequel to the Junior High manga series, girls are seen fawning over Ymir, which makes her blush.

Crunchyroll said in a 2014 interview with producer George Wada that Ymir and Historia are a couple. Also, the series’ official website says that Ymir is in love with Historia.

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What is Ymir’s Gender?

Ymir was a tall, thin girl with short, shaggy black hair that was parted in the middle. She had grey eyes that were very scary, and she had freckles on her cheeks.

Who Made Ymir Pregnant?

Fritz took Ymir as his concubine to “reward” her for her service. They had three children together: Maria, Rose, and Sheena.

Who is Ymir’s Lover?

Ymir loves Christa/Historia very much and looks out for her a lot. She lets Christa know how she feels when she says they will get married after the war.