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Is Yuzu Gay or Bisexual and What Are the Viewers Points on Yuzu?

This idea came from Dr. Ninja Monkey. Mei seems to be completely homosexual, but I’m not sure about Yuzu. It seems like neither the gender of the loved one nor anything else matters to her. You have to like that girl.

Some people say that No one has ever said for sure if Yuzu and Mei are gay or bisexual. I think they would have fallen in love no matter what gender they were, but Yuzu is more likely to be a lesbian than the other one.

Yuzu is a pretty girl, but before the story started, she had never been able to find love with someone of the opposite s*x. It could be because Yuzu is a child, or she could have been in the closet and not known it.

Yuzu Aihara has moved to a new school because her mother got remarried. She wants to finally get her first kiss in this new place. But when she finds out she is going to a strict school for girls, she feels like her dreams are far away. Mei, who is president of the college council, notices it on the first day.

Aer needs to get close to her heart, but Neviril is still stuck in the past. The story of “Sailor Moon” is about Usagi Tsukino, who was a normal student until she saved a cat in the future. The cat looks like Luna and tells Usagi that she will become Sailor Moon, a guardian who will protect the Earth.

Reviews According to Viewers

At the beginning of the manga, it was clear that Yuzu liked guys. When she found out she was going to an all-girls school, she thought her love life was over. She thought Amemiya-sensei was cute and even wanted to send him an e-mail. (I’m not going to start with anything from her “friends” because it’s hard to tell how much of what she does is real and how much is just her trying to fit in. Almost everyone should be able to relate to this.)

Is Yuzu Gay or Bisexual

A quick note about Mei: based on how she reacted to the kiss, it seems pretty clear that Mei didn’t like it. I’m not sure how I feel about the anime version. I think it’s easy to get the wrong idea at first if you watch it without thinking. Mei’s sad reaction afterward helps to show that she didn’t like it, but I’m not sure if that’s clear at first glance. I don’t think so because I know someone who quit the series. Even though I might be biased, the way they talked down to us about the topic made me feel bad.

I do want to know one thing, though, for those who can read the raw material. What was Shu trying to say when he asked Yuzu if she liked Mei? Liked could mean so many different things in English that it’s hard to tell. It might be:

  • Are they getting along as sisters

  • Romantic interest that’s a little before love.

  • Are they, friends

They are all similar, but if he’s asking if they like being around each other or if she likes him romantically, the questions are very different. The thing that threw me off was how panicked and flustered Yuzu’s answer was.

Back to Yuzu. Even though she freaks out when Mei kisses her, and I don’t have time right now to look for examples, I think her reactions have always been about the fact that they are sisters. The fact that they were both women never came up. The first one held her back for a long time, almost the entire first season of the anime, but she never told her that they were both girls.

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As a side note, I’m not going to put too much stock in the fact that Yuzu reads a manga about sisters dating. From what I’ve seen and what other people on this sub have said, the fact that someone reads Yaoi or Yuri manga doesn’t say much about their sexual preferences.

As for whether Yuzu is bisexual after being with Mei, It’s difficult to say. She might like men just because she thinks some of them are attractive. I know for sure that I’m only attracted to women, but that doesn’t mean I won’t say that some guys are attractive. Matt Mercer, I see you. But my conclusion is based on my own experience, so it’s easy for me to say that.