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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 Review and Preview of Episode 10

In the eighth episode of season 6 of My Hero Academia, the battle against Shigaraki Tomura in Jaku City kept getting worse and worse. Fans were shocked when Shigaraki punched Gran Torino, badly hurting him, and then pushed past Deku and Ryukyu to shoot a bullet at Aizawa that destroyed his quirk.

The preview for episode 9 of season 6 showed Deku carrying Aizawa to safety before fighting again with All For One’s successor. The title hinted that Katsuki Bakugou will finally get the spotlight she deserves. But when the episode came out, fans of the anime series were still taken by surprise. This article explains what happened in the most important parts of My Hero Academia season 6 episode 9.

 Highlights From My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 Review

Aizawa Cuts Off His Leg

Katsuki Bakugou: Rising, the ninth episode of My Hero Academia’s sixth season, began with Ryukyu telling Aizawa that Shigaraki had shot him with a bullet that would destroy his quirk. But the hero couldn’t avoid the bullet, and it hit him in the calf. Aizawa cut off his own leg without thinking twice so that the bullet wouldn’t hurt more people.
But the hero wasn’t fast enough, and as soon as his power stopped working, Shigaraki rushed forward to kill him. Even as the villain started clawing Aizawa’s face off, Deku tried to stop him from using Blackwhip, and Shoto’s ice pushed Shigaraki away from their teacher. Deku took the chance to save Aizawa, Rock Lock, and Manual by carrying them away while the bad guy said it was pointless to keep trying.

Deku Uses Float

Back on the battlefield in Jaku City, Shoto told Endeavor that he was too hot and asked him to use ice to cool him down. Bakugou was watching over Gran Torino, and Deku was watching over Rock Lock and Manual, who were trying to stop Aizawa from bleeding out. Rock Lock told a furious Deku to run away, but he didn’t, so Shigaraki told him he should just die instead. But when he tried to use Decay again, his body started to fall apart, which shocked the villain.

Shigaraki tried to figure out why his body was falling apart in episode 9 of season 6 of My Hero Academia. He realized that he had been awakened before the four-month mark. Deku came to the same conclusion because he had gone through a similar situation when he first got All Might’s quirk, which gave him a lot of power.

Shigaraki didn’t care as his body kept regenerating and he tried to use his quirk to break everyone apart. But the villain and everyone else was lifted into the air and tied together by Blackwhip. Gran Torino, who had just woken up, saw that Deku was floating in the air. He realized that the new ability was Nana Shimura’s quirk, Float, which was the seventh OFA holder.

Gigantomachia’s Rampage Continues

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9 Review

In the ninth episode of season 6 of My Hero Academia, it was shown that Gigantomachia’s change had made the giant almost impossible to stop, so the heroes had to resort to warning the people through the news. They drew a map of the path between Gunga Valley and Jaku City so they could figure out which areas would be destroyed as the big bad guy moved toward Shigaraki.

Yaoyorozu Momo realized that the only reason they were still alive was that the bad guys didn’t see them as a threat at all. Momo told the other students that the sedatives did not work on the giant, which made Mineta say out loud that he thought they were doomed from the start.

In the ninth episode of season 6 of My Hero Academia, Tokoyami used Dark Shadow to save Hawks, who was still unconscious, and some of the medical staff. However, when the giant passed through, the giant completely destroyed the medical unit. Even after he was turned over to the police, Garaki kept making fun of the heroes. He told them that the Nomus were just copies of Gigantomachia, who lived and died for his master.

Bakugou and All Might Talk

Deku lost control when he used more than one quirk at once, so he dropped the others back to the ground and held Shigaraki in the air by himself. Bakugou told him to stay away from the bad guy, but the boy with green hair asked who else could hold him down in the air.

In the ninth episode of My Hero Academia’s sixth season, Bakugou thought about what he said to All Might, while Deku asked his classmates for tips on how to get the most out of Float and Blackwhip. The blonde hero-student said that the secret behind Deku’s quirk wouldn’t be hidden for long, and All Might said that they would have to be careful because not only bad guys wanted power.

When they started talking about what was in the OFA wielder’s diary, the conversation took a more sinister turn. Bakugou pointed out that there were detailed descriptions of the deaths of the 5th, 6th, and 7th holders of the quirk, but the ones about the 4th holder had been scratched out. He talked to the retired hero because he knew that the hero was keeping something from him.

All Might’s silence scared Bakugou, so he tried to ask if OFA could put Deku’s life in danger. The ex-hero said he couldn’t be sure about things he didn’t know. The blonde was worried that Deku had never cared about himself since they were kids. He admitted that he had picked on Deku because he didn’t understand his weaknesses. All Might thought that Bakugou had agreed to help the other boy train because he felt bad about what he had done.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 10 Preview

The preview for My Hero Academia season 6 episode 10 started with Bakugou falling to the ground unconscious after he tried to save Deku. When the green-haired hero saw his friend in that state, he lost control of his anger and went straight after Shigaraki.

Because he was angry, he had the strength to break the blades off with just his hands and teeth. But the story said that when Deku met Shigaraki and All For One in the world of One For All, their fight would take an unexpected turn. The 10th episode of My Hero Academia’s sixth season will be called “The Ones Within Us.”