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Spy X Family Episodes 21 and 22 Ending Explained and All Possiblities for Season 2

The preview for episode 22 shows Loid and Fiona partnering up for their next mission.

The anime Spy x Family is getting closer to the end of its first season. On December 3, 2022, episode 22 will come out. The popular slice-of-life spy series has something for everyone, with comedy, action, and even romance in the storyline.

It’s not surprising that the anime version won the hearts of viewers, making them sad that season 1 is over and hoping that the anime will be brought back for a second season. This article looks back at season 1 of the anime, analyses the manga, and thinks about what’s going to happen next to figure out if there will be a second season of the anime.

Episode 22 of the First Season of Spy X Family Brings the Series Closer to Its End

Spy X Family Episodes 21 and 22

Jump Festa 2022 made it clear that the first season of Spy x Family would have two courses, with a total of 25 episodes. From April to June 2022, the first season aired, and on October 1, 2022, the second season started. The manga is updated every two weeks, and chapter 72 is due out on December 12, 2022. It was delayed because of health problems with the series’ mangaka, Tatsuya Endo.

So far, there have been 71 chapters, which are divided into 13 story arcs. The Red Circus Arc is the most recent story arc that is still going on. Fiona Frost, who is younger than Loid and is also a spy, is brought into the story in Episode 21, which is based on Chapter 30 of the manga. The episode shows not only how Loid gets along with his coworkers, but also how he becomes more and more attached to the fake family he made for Operation Strix.

In the preview for episode 22, Loid and Fiona team up for their next mission, which involves an underground tennis tournament. The Campbellton Tennis Arc is made up of chapters 29–35 of the manga. It seems likely that season 1 will end when this mission is done. So far, the first season of Spy x Family has animated the first eight-story arcs, which have a total of 38 chapters. This means that 33 manga chapters still need to be adapted.

Spy X Family 22: Ending Explanation

The two people notice something strange about the room all of a sudden. A little bit of white smoke coming out of the vents is more than enough to let them know what’s going on. It turns out that it is a gas that is not dangerous, but its goal is to make them weaker for the finals so that the Campbell siblings can easily win their third title. Fiona and Loid could easily leave the room, but they think there might be guards at the doors, so they decide not to.

Spy X Family Episodes 21 and 22

In fact, they just sit there and hold their breaths so that no one will wonder who they are. They decide to act like they were tricked because they have strong lungs and can hold their breath for long periods of time. Later that day, Fiona and Loid finally get to play the game with the Campbell siblings, and it’s clear right away that the rules are unfair.

The Campbell siblings’ rackets have been changed so that they can play both powerful shots and some very strange ones. Even though Loid and Fiona do their best, they lose the first set without much trouble. In the second set, they choose to try something different. They have closely watched how the Campbell siblings move, so when they play, they use different shots that don’t give their opponents an unfair advantage. This strategy seems to work, and they start winning the game all of a sudden.

But the Campbell siblings are quick to hit the panic button, which makes the men who work for them try other low-cost methods. When Fiona gets a serve and is about to hit it back, the tile under her feet sinks a few inches into the ground, throwing her off. This makes her racket spin enough to hit the ball out of the court, giving the Campbell siblings a point. Loid and Fiona look at each other and get ready for any more tricks that their opponents might have.

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Possible Announcement for Season 2

Spy x Family will get another Jump Super Stage on Day 2 of Jump Festa 2023, which will take place on December 18, 2022. With the season 1 finale, episode 25, set to air on December 17, 2023, Jump Festa 2023 is the perfect place to share new information about the anime, such as a possible announcement for season 2.

This will also follow the trend from 2021 when the Spy x Family Jump Stage event released a promotional video, a voice cast, and a possible release date for the first season of the anime adaptation.

Is Spy X Family Still Continuing?

The show is directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Kazuaki Shimada designs the characters, and (K)now Name is in charge of the music. The show will have two separate parts. The first season aired on TXN stations from April 9 to June 25, 2022. On October 1, 2022, the second season began.

Will Spy X Family Be Free on Crunchyroll?

Most of Crunchyroll‘s library can be watched for free, but only in low quality (up to 480p) and with ads. To watch Spy x Family, we have to sign up for the premium service (or premium+, which gives us a few extra perks).