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15 “Strongest Dragon Ball Super” Strongest Characters At The End Of The Series

It would be impossible to discuss classic anime programs without discussing Dragon Ball Z. Even though most viewers outside of Japan had not watched this show’s prequel, it did not matter.

Dragon Ball Z is filled to the brim with everything one would expect from an action-packed shonen series: heart-pounding action, charming characters, and incredible transformations that allowed characters to attain previously unseen levels of strength.

All of these elements were carried over to the show’s sequel, Dragon Ball Super, which essentially raised the ante in every respect. It goes without saying that Dragon Ball Super comprises some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, but the exact order is always subject to change.

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With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the Dragon Ball Super anime “power rankings” have been drastically altered.

15) Gamma 2 Broke Piccolo’s Limits

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

The second of the two new Androids revealed in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is Gamma 2. Piccolo believed that both Gammas were about on par with Goku and Vegeta in terms of strength, but it is unknown whether Piccolo was referring to Goku and Vegeta in their most powerful forms. Gamma 1 faced Gohan, while Gamma 2 fought Piccolo.

Gamma 2 activated the Orange version of Piccolo during their battle. Gamma 2 was able to surgically remove one of Cell Max’s limbs during the battle to defeat him, however, it demanded his sacrifice. Although it is difficult to determine whether Gamma is stronger, Gamma 2 may have the upper hand since it produces more significant effects.

14) Piccolo Finally Obtained A Major Upgrade

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Few Dragon Ball characters have been around as long as Piccolo. Piccolo initially appeared at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament as the main opponent, but he has since switched sides. Piccolo pursues a greater level of strength while keeping an eye on his student, Gohan.

Piccolo discovers in Super Hero the plan of the reconstituted Red Ribbon Army to unleash Cell Max. Shenron unlocks Piccolo’s potential, similar to Gohan’s, upon learning that Goku and Vegeta are training on Beerus’ planet.

Shenron also got an additional benefit, eventually revealed to be a new transformation called “Orange Piccolo.” In this form, Piccolo easily bests Gamma 2 but falls short against Cell Max.

13) Cell Max Was Imperfect, Yet Extremely Powerful

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Cell Max is the most recent classic villain to reappear in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, as has become the norm in recent Dragon Ball films. This new and enhanced Cell is not the same Cell destroyed by Gohan during the Cell saga.

Dr. Hedo constructed Cell Max utilizing Dr. Gero’s inadequate and difficult-to-understand data. This renders Cell Max completely incapable of regeneration. Dr. Hedo was nevertheless able to construct a Cell that was far more potent than Dr. Gero’s. Due to his early release, Cell Max lacks any form of control.

While Cell Max possesses a built-in vulnerability that triggers self-destruction, it required one of the most potent transformations in the Dragon Ball series to cause sufficient damage.

12) Top Was Able To Utilize Destruction Power

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Universe 11 and Universe 7 were the only ones to remain in the Tournament of Power for the duration, and Top was a major component in their success. Top, the captain of Universe 11’s Pride Troopers, was without question one of the tournament’s most dangerous fighters.

The fact that he had access to the destructive force of a destroyer made him even more frightening. The top was able to dispatch Frieza with ease, leaving him with only an inch of life. It took all Vegeta had to ultimately defeat the future God of Destruction.

11) Vegeta Will Never Stop Trying To Surpass Goku

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Vegeta’s pride has remained constant throughout the series, serving as one of the most important motivating elements in his ascent to greater heights of power, which he has accomplished in spectacular fashion. When Vegeta first debuted, he was by far the strongest known Dragon Ball Z character.

Since then, Vegeta has had a propensity for delving deep and discovering a source of strength with which to defeat his opponents. This was shown during the Tournament of Power when he unlocked a new Super Saiyan Blue form. Vegeta appears unable of being prevented from acquiring the necessary strength to defeat his opponent.

10) Goku’s miraculous transformation propels him into the sky

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

The protagonist of the Dragon Ball series has stayed at the heart of most of the series’ conflicts. Goku is one of the most powerful anime characters in general since his strength levels have skyrocketed in every encounter where he’s faced apparently impossible odds.

From his group effort against Fused Zamasu to his epic one-on-one battle with Jiren, Goku faces a few obstacles. Goku achieves total success by frequently beyond his own limitations in order to defend the people he cares about.

9) In Dragon Ball Super, Broly’s Power Exceeds the Limit

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

In one of the most amazing feats of Dragon Ball Super, not only was Broly introduced into the canon, but he also became a far more intriguing character. Broly, the antagonist of three scream-filled Dragon Ball Z films, now has a fully developed and sympathetic backstory.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Broly was so powerful that Goku and Vegeta had to merge into Gogeta in order to defeat him. Broly is seen exercising with Goku and Vegeta on the planet of Beerus in Super Hero. However, Broly still lacks command over his immense abilities. Once he does, it is impossible to predict how powerful Broly will become.

8) It Was Very Difficult to Finally Defeat Jiren

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

It would be hard to discuss the fighters of Universe 11 without addressing the figure who is without question Goku’s most formidable adversary in the whole history of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Jiren would have easily defeated Goku in one-on-one combat if Goku hadn’t gained and then perfected Ultra Instinct throughout his encounters with Jiren. Jiren required the combined efforts of Goku, Frieza, Android 17, and Vegeta to be weakened and defeated. It’s terrifying to consider what Jiren could do without tournament rules.

Due to the passage of time since the Tournament of Power, it is uncertain how Jiren compares to other combatants. Jiren will not be left in the dust in the near future if his training up to this point is any indication.

7) Gohan Unleashed His Inner Beast

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Gohan has long served as a symbol of possibility. Gohan was destined to become the focal point of Dragon Ball Z and beyond the minute he emerged from Raditz’s Saiyan space pod. However, after defeating Cell, Gohan pursued a nonviolent path in life.

Since the Cell debacle, Gohan has struggled to retain his strength and motivation to exercise. In Super Hero, Gohan’s core potential was finally and for true unlocked.

After concluding that Piccolo had been killed by Cell Max, Gohan changed into Gohan Beast. In this form, Gohan effortlessly defeated the formidable Cell, Max. Gohan’s new Gohan Beast form might make him the strongest character in Dragon Ball, given his vast reservoir of potential. And its power may match that of the gods.

6) Champa Is A Powerful, If Not Lazy, Destruction God

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Dragon Ball Super introduced the concept of several Universes during the Tournament of the Gods arc. In reality, certain Universes were also linked, showing that some worlds were identical twins.

Universe 7 did not deviate from this golden guideline. Universe 6 was its twin universe, with Beerus’ twin brother Champa acting as its God of Destruction. Beerus and Champa disagree, with Champa frequently plotting to gain the upper hand on his brother, resulting in hilarious back-and-forths.

5) Beerus Is A Terrifying Lord Of Destruction

Beerus, the God of Destruction of Universe 7, is one of Dragon Ball’s most powerful characters. Dragon Ball Super exists mostly due to his entrance in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods.

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In Dragon Ball Super, it was Beerus who informed the Saiyans about Super Saiyan God, a transformation that opened the floodgates to an entirely new level of strength for this species. Despite the discovery of the Super Saiyan God and his subsequent transformations, Beerus’s power and ruthlessness considerably surpass those of any mortal in Universe 7.

4) Whis Has Hardly Demonstrated His Powers

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Every God of Destruction is accompanied by an Angel whose mission is to instruct and advise these Destroyer Gods. Angels help keep their Destroyer God in check, should they decide to wipe out the entire Universe on a whim – a dynamic that was on full show when Whis knocked Beerus unconscious with a single blow.

Whis is the Angel of the Seventh Universe, and he has a strong relationship with Beerus, with whom he travels the stars searching for food and eliminating useless worlds. Whis has also taught Goku and Vegeta, enabling them to grow far stronger than in Dragon Ball Z.

3) Vados Is the Strong Sister of Whis

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

Similarly to Champa and Beerus, Whis had an older sister who trained him. This theoretically makes Vados stronger than Whis. Despite this, Vados’ strength is rarely seen. If Whis is any indicator, though, Vados is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe.

Vados, like Whis, is the Angel of Universe 6 who keeps Champa in check and prevents him from rusting. The training of Vados is one of the only things that keep Champa as powerful as possible.

2) Grand Minister Is The Father Of Every Angel

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

The Grand Minister is the most powerful angel ever created and, by implication, the second most powerful warrior in the whole universe. Even though fans haven’t witnessed much of the Grand Minister’s authority, the limited instances in which he’s made his dominance evident are evidence of his absurd might.

Despite his kind and pleasant demeanor, the Grand Minister is stringent about adhering to the laws of the universe. The only one in the universe who is stronger than the Grand Minister is the individual he advises and leads.

1) Dragon Ball’s strongest character is Zeno

15 "Strongest Dragon Ball Super" Characters At The End Of The Series

While technically there are two Zenos in the universe of Dragon Ball Super, they are both equal. The ruler of all Universes, the Omni-King, may not appear to be much, yet a single blunder in his presence might prove lethal for anyone ignorant of Zeno’s mood swings.

The ability of Zeno to eliminate whole Universes without breaking a sweat is evidence that the Omni-King is the strongest entity in the entire Dragon Ball series. In fact, he is a formidable contender for the most powerful character in all of anime.

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