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All About The Circle’s Fifth Season Cast Sam Carmona

Everyone’s favorite reality program will soon return for another round of deceit and deception, but with a new twist! On December 28, Netflix will premiere the fifth season of The Circle, and we cannot wait for you to meet the new cast.

Sam Carmona is among the new cast members for The Circle’s fifth season. You may remember the self-described “Brooklyn Rican” from the social media app TikTok, where she has over 750,000 followers.

If you’re curious about the actress and want to learn more about her before the premiere of season 5, here’s all you need to know about Sam!

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What is Sam Carmona’s age?

According to her The Circle introduction video, the Brooklyn beauty is 34 years old. The actual date of the reality star’s birthday is presently unclear, but we are confident that more information will be disclosed once the series begins airing.

Sam Carmona Instagram Info

If you wish to follow Sam on social media before the release of season 5, you may find her on Instagram under the name @bkshedevil. The superstar appears to be quite active on the site, so there is plenty of stuff for you to peruse.

Currently, The Circle competitor Sam has 53,800 followers on the photo and video-sharing app, but we anticipate that once the new episodes appear on Netflix, Sam will earn more followers, so beat the rush and follow her now – she may follow you back.

Sam Carmona Career and Job

Sam may be considered a successful TikToker based on her enormous number of followers on the app, but according to her introduction video for the reality game show, her day-to-day occupation is as a freelance makeup artist.

If you want a closer look at some of her cosmetic ideas, we recommend visiting TikTok, where you may find several videos and tips to try at home.

The Circle’s fifth season Release Date

Whether true or not, entering The Circle as a single and ready-to-date competitor has always been advantageous. Just ask Season 2 champion DeLeesa, who portrayed her real-life spouse Trevor as a single dad.

But what occurs when everyone in The Circle is allegedly available? On Wednesday, December 28th, Season 5 will begin, presented by Michelle Buteau, with a fresh romantic twist.

The next season of the reality show titled The Circle: Singles, will follow contestants who claim to be available romantically as they vie for popularity with their secluded co-stars.

In order to win Season 5’s $100,000 prize, some of these participants will be speaking the truth, while others will be carefully catfishing as a singleton. As these individuals vie for the title of top influencer, you can anticipate more flirtation, drama, and shocks than ever before.

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