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Who is Charlie puth girlfriend? Check Out His Past Relationships

In addition to his catchy songs, Charlie Puth is well-known for his former public relationships. Since the release of his debut single “Marvin Gaye” with Meghan Trainor, the New Jersey native has been romantically linked with a number of well-known figures.

In fact, fans questioned whether or not he and Meghan were just pals after they locked lips on stage during the 2015 American Music Awards. Despite dating suspicions, Charlie has subsequently cleared the air about their passionate kiss.

The singer told USA Today in November 2015, “Meghan and I are now good enough friends to laugh about it.” “Initially, we were like, ‘Holy ****, what did we just do?’” I have a girl in my life, but I’m not making it too public because I don’t want people to get the incorrect impression. Without Meghan’s initial push, however, I would be nothing. Meghan’s participation in my debut album was tremendous assistance.

Who is Charlie puth girlfriend? Check Out His Past Relationships

Charlie elaborated on the events leading up to their kiss, remarking, “I had no idea that people would care so much about my lips on my friend’s lips.”

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“When we were performing it live, we thought, ‘OK, this is one of the most important live shows. How are we going to graphically depict this and make it as compelling as the video?’ he asked the publication. “We were like, ‘Should we kiss?’ Meghan is truly my best friend, so it was a little strange at first, but it definitely contributed something to the visual aspect of the performance, which was crucial since America was watching.

Meghan is not the only duet partner associated with Charlie. After the release of their 2016 single “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” fans believed he dated Selena Gomez. He has already addressed this rumor. In the past, the “See You Again” singer has been associated with Charlotte Lawrence, Bella Thorne, and Halston Sage.

He has also acknowledged having a massive crush on Jade Thirlwall, a member of Little Mix, during their collaboration on “Oops.”

“Jade and I watched a bit of The X Factor. That evening, I learned that she is in a relationship,” Charli remembered on the November 2017 episode of the “Bizarre Life” podcast. “When I was onstage singing with them, I thought, ‘Oh Jade, she’s so hot!’ She is incredibly beautiful, [yet] she’s already taken. I can confirm that she is taken, and I’m pleased for her.”

Charlie disclosed in October 2022 that he is in a relationship with an unnamed significant other. In recent years, the music star had been tight-lipped about his dating status.

At the time, he revealed on The Howard Stern Show, “I grew up with [her].” “She has always been very, very sweet to me, so I assume she will be there for me when times are tough in the future, since what is life without valleys and peaks?”

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View our collection for a comprehensive examination of Charlie’s romantic history.

Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

Charlie confirmed that he briefly dated Selena in 2016.

In February 2018, he told Billboard, “I don’t kiss and tell, but the only way a song like that can sound genuine is if there’s something else going on in the background.” “And this was the situation [with Gomez]. Extremely short-lived and diminutive, but incredibly influential.


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And it severely disturbed me… It was a delight working with her because she created such positive emotion in that song. Even though it originated from a difficult period in my life, I am always glad to sing it.

Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth

In December 2016, the couple was spotted enjoying a beach day in Miami. Charlie rushed to Twitter at the time to apologize to Bella’s ex-boyfriend Tyler Posey, whom the singer believed she was dating at the time. In 2017, Bella clarified the situation on The Jenny McCarthy Show.


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“It was quite difficult for me when Ty and I broke up,” the Disney alum said. “It was one of the most difficult breakups I’ve ever experienced. Everything has been dramatically exaggerated. We were not even kissing in that photograph. This photograph makes it appear as though we’re ready to kiss, but we’re not.”

Danielle Campbell and Charlie Puth

Charlie announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October 2017 that he was “in a relationship” but was “done dating people in public” after the Bella scandal.

After the interview, observant followers saw that Charlie had posted a photo of himself FaceTiming the actress, which he promptly removed. The pair never officially addressed their purported relationship.

Halston Sage and Charlie Puth

Throughout the course of 2018, the singer and actress posted a number of intimate photos together.


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Charli has now deleted images with Halston, however, they never confirmed their relationship or separation.

Charlotte Lawrence and Charlie Puth

Charlie revealed his connection with the model in a Valentine’s Day post from February 2019.

In June 2020, Charlie shared a video on Instagram with the comment, “I’m single if you’re wondering.” It is unknown when they broke up.

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