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Check Out Interesting Facts About “Firefly Lane” Star “Roan Curtis”

If you’ve seen “Firefly Lane,” you’ve certainly wondered who the stunning actress portraying Tully’s young best friend is. She wears a large geeky pair of spectacles. It is absurd to believe that her character does not seem to notice the doll hidden behind those absurdly large spectacles, given how plainly stunning she is.

She is none other than Roan Curtis, and Sarah Chalke portrays the older Kate Mularkey’s equivalent in the television series. Based on Kristin Hannah’s book of the same name, “Firefly Lane” tells the touching story of Kate and Tully’s unbreakable relationship despite having quite different personalities (despite the ups and downs).

Even though Roan Curtis doesn’t have the bulky glasses that she constantly and absurdly tries to reapply to her face, in other ways, she resembles her role.

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Who is Roan Curtis?

Roan Curtis is an American actress and producer who has been seen in movies such as The Magicians (2015), Before I Fall (2017), and Firefly Lane. Her most recent film role was in Before I Fall (2017). (2020).

Firefly Lane star Roan Curtis

Roan was born in the latter half of the 1990s and is originally from Canada. Her mother and father brought her and her brother, Kasper Curtis, up in the Canadian city of Vancouver. In addition to her work as an actress, she considers herself to be a writer and has written for a number of different blogs.

Roan Curtis’s Interesting Facts

1. She’s Only Active on Instagram

Roan lives a solitary life, which is unusual for celebrities. Instagram is the best place to find daily Roan Curtis feeds if you’re interested in learning more about him. There are currently just over 200 followers on the actress’s unconfirmed Twitter account, where she is less active.


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Her personal life is still mostly a mystery because she doesn’t have an official Wikipedia page. Though the stunning actress has won over so many hearts in Netflix’s “Firefly: Lane,” we predict that this will drastically change in the coming days.

Roan’s Instagram pictures went from receiving a few hundred to thousands of likes when the Netflix series debuted. Did we mention that none of the accounts has been authenticated as of this writing? Simply put, Roan, like Kate, is too busy going about her daily existence.

2. She is a Cat Mother

Roan is smitten with Gremlin, her adorable and eccentric cat whom she adopted more than a year ago. She has a full-story album of the fur baby on Instagram and frequently photographs him. She also transports him in his yellow cat adventure backpack, which resembles a miniature spaceship.


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“We adopted this little guy a year ago today. I can state objectively that he is the best cat I’ve ever met, and he has melted the hearts of even the most adamant “I’m a dog lover, I don’t get cats” people “Roan posted a message on Instagram.

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3. She is dating someone

Sorry to break your hearts, but the charming and witty James R. Swalm is Roan Curtis’s boyfriend (Jim for short). She was 17 when she first met her partner, and she believes it was love at first sight.


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A post shared by roan curtis (@roancurtis)

“I was seventeen when I first met Jim. I recall being immediately struck by how naturally funny he was, how at ease he made me feel, and most of all, how we connected right away on a level I had never known before. We seemed to be operating at the same frequency. Although I’ve never been one to believe in love at first sight, I believe that was all there was to it “Throughout their anniversary, Roan posted on Instagram.

They both appear to be in a very loving and happy relationship, and they both resemble a pair out of a Nicholas Sparks love story. Additionally, they both adore Gremlin, their pet.

4. In the Magicians, She Portrayed Sylvia

Before she donned those oversized glasses and blonde curls in ‘Firefly Lane,’ Roan Curtis embodied teen coolness as Sylvia in The Magicians. Despite the fact that both characters had blonde hair, their overall vibes are so dissimilar that it is easy to overlook the fact that they are the same person.

5. When She Was Younger, She Appeared in Both “Smallville” and “The L Word”

Firefly Lane star Roan Curtis

Roan Curtis began her acting career when she was just a little child, landing roles in television shows such as “The L Word” (a drama about lesbians) and “Smallville,” a series about Superman.

6. In Actuality, She is Very Close With Ali Skovbye

Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye met for the first time on the set of ‘Firefly Lane,’ but their friendship has bloomed throughout their brief time working together.

In a recent interview, Roan stated that one of her favorite scenes when filming ‘Firefly Lane’ was when she was chasing the police car, because it mirrored how she felt about Ali at the time, knowing that they were nearing the end of filming.

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“Certainly, the scene involving the pursuit of the police car was one of my favorites. Certainly, it was difficult, but it was also engaging. It was a bit of life imitating art because it was also one of the last sequences Ali and I got to film together, so there was definitely a sense of loss for me in the sense of like I’m not going to get to see you every day anymore… Ali and I had such a strong connection, and I believe that scene is the pinnacle of it.”

7. She is a Family-oriented Individual

Roan Curtis is close with her parents and siblings. She frequently posts images of them with lengthy, heartfelt notes.

Here is a picture she shared on her father’s birthday.


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8. She’s an Advocate Against Racism

Roan Curtis has been utilizing her rapidly rising social media platform to bring attention to vital problems. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she recently shared campaign posters against racism and Sinophobia.

Would you like to see more of Roan Curtis? ‘Firefly Lane is now available on Netflix!