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Talking to Chris Evans About Raising Dogs

He’s the subject of an internet obsession. His amusing smile. His large, expressive eyes. His perfect camera angle in pictures. Chris Evans, who plays him, makes the pair’s Instagram pictures ten times more “likable.”

Dodger is a boxer-mix that the Marvel star adopted in 2015. Dodger is named after a character from the film “Oliver & Company.” As one half of a “duo of dysfunctional codependents,” Dodger has just as many fans as his well-known owner, Chris Evans, who this week announced a relationship with Jinx Dog Food.

This move is as on-brand for Evans, one of Hollywood’s most prolific dog parents, as one could hope for. In an interview with CNN, Evans discusses the humble joys of pet parenthood as well as how Dodger inspired his new business endeavor, which will have him taking “an active part in the business and creative direction of the company,” according to a press release.

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I wanted to ask you a few questions about your experience as a dog parent and what motivated you to work with a firm like this as I’m a devoted dog mom myself.

Chris Evans About Raising Dogs

We constantly search for new collaborations, opportunities to grow, and enjoy creative pursuits outside of performing. Dodger the Jinx enjoyed the treats I had been providing him for a while, and then my business manager presented me with this chance. It’s so lovely to meet people who share a passion and who seem to be truly making a difference in the world when you sit down with the company and get to know the people. Additionally, it is a fantastic product. It’s simple to support something. I just felt that this made total sense.

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Since having our dog a little over a year ago, I’ve been interested in the immense responsibility I feel for her health and well-being, as well as how her being well directly influenced my mood. Tell me about your personal pet-parenting experiences.

It’s one of the trickiest things, I mean. My dog before Dodger had many problems. Because he was an American Bulldog, he had numerous eye and allergy problems. The hardest part is that they are unable to express their emotions to you. Therefore, ensuring that you at least begin with adequate nourishment is a smart first step. It’s quite significant.

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Your devotion to the Dodgers is well known. What about yourself has that connection taught you? To the best of my knowledge, neither you nor I am parents. However, you learn a lot from it about what it is to take care of another being.

You know what I mean, it’s the responsibility of it. You must constantly be aware of the fact that you are planning your life around that. You must always schedule a time to go for walks and other similar activities, regardless of whether you will be gone for a while or have lengthy meetings. It’s a challenge, then. Although it’s a struggle, I’ve always looked forward to it. You know, it distracts me from me.

When you travel or are filming, does Dodger accompany you?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Dodger has spent a lot of time on film sets and he enjoys it. He is a genuine social butterfly, and the entire cast adores him. He’s good and a fantastic mascot.


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I’ll need some advice from you because my dog doesn’t get along with other dogs. She’s great towards people, but what about dogs? No way.

Have you ever visited a dog park?

No, since she would have to fight off dogs that were ten times bigger than her. Despite just nine pounds, she has a tremendous attitude.

Of course.

Have you always had the attitude of a huge dog?

I enjoy dogs in general. Small, large, or anything in between. I haven’t stated that I only want large dogs. Since they are so much easier to transport after Dodger, I wouldn’t be shocked if I ended up with a relatively little one. No, I disagree; I believe some of the smaller dogs have some of the most endearing characters.


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What do you consider to be unique about Dodger in particular? People adore your relationship so much. What distinguishes him from some of the other pets you’ve had?

Something about him makes it seem as though he has just been born, like a new soul. There’s something about him that feels incredibly new, lively, loving, joyous, and clean. And by that, I mean both literally and metaphorically. He’s a very tidy creature. But, I don’t know, he’s simply… You know, there’s just something very bright about him. He has his eyes wide open. His heart is open wide. Simply put, he is a very sweet creature.

Isn’t that amazing? How does it feel to suddenly see the world through their eyes while you’re in a foul mood? What kind of a shift it might make in your day at any given moment?

It is a reset that is energizing. Dodger, who I would argue is a rather well-known dog, has no notion, no clue, and will never be able to know. What a lovely way to travel the world. What a tidy way to navigate the world. I mean, I’ve seen friends kind of rise to popularity and change, and you know, in that role, you even have to keep an eye on yourself to make sure your priorities are in order, but Dodger never has to.

It does not resemble a dog’s makeup. What a dog is, I’m in awe of it. I’m incredibly moved by what they give to us. Its genuine incapability of corruption You get what I’m saying? I have no reason to fear that Dodger will become affected by any of this. What a remarkable phenomenon.