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Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson Dating Rumours: Everything You Need to Know

There are rumors that Pete Davidson has moved on from his relationship with Kim Kardashian. However, it’s not with any random Hollywood celebrity at all. In point of fact, it’s a celebrity who the Saturday Night Live alum’s former significant other very well might know on a personal level. (Uh-oh!)

According to Entertainment Tonight, barely three months after his devastating breakup with Kim Kardashian, Davidson has reportedly found love with model and actress Emily Ratajkowski.

The information was disclosed by a source who stated that “Pete and Emily have known each other for some time because they run in similar circles.” “Since the beginning, they’ve always gotten along well and enjoyed spending time together. More recently, they have spent time alone with one another, and as a result, things have started to grow more flirty between the two of them.

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Emily is not limiting her options and is having fun dating.” Fans were quite impressed by Davidson’s new lover since it demonstrates that he possesses an appealing energy that attracts a wide variety of stunning ladies. A commenter on Twitter jokingly stated that “Pete Davidson’s pull is something that has to be explored.”

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson Dating Rumours: Everything You Need to Know

A further supporter of the Staten Island comedian spoke up in his defense, adding that “guys who are mystified by how Pete Davidson keeps scoring women while being average looking like them are so close to grasping that their mentality is actually the problem.”

In the midst of the various points of view, however, the primary worry of the majority of fans is how Kim Kardashian feels about Pete Davidson’s relationship with Emily Ratajkowski.

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Kim Kardashian’s thoughts on Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski

As expected, Kim Kardashian has yet to comment on her ex-supposed boyfriend’s new relationship. It is probable that she never will, as she has also moved on from the relationship. Still, many anticipate that she may feel slightly slighted by Davidson’s new decision, given that Ratajkowski and Kardashian have supported each other in the past.

In 2016, Ratajkowski and Kardashian snapped a bold photo of themselves throwing their middle finger to the camera while topless. The photo was a blatant shot at Piers Morgan, the television personality who publicly humiliated Kardashian for posing in her underwear.

Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson Dating Rumours: Everything You Need to Know

“We are more than our bodies,” Ratajkowski stated in the description of her photo. However, this does not mean we should be ashamed of them or our sexuality. Ratajkowski’s defense of Kardashian is a courageous deed that deserves recognition; it may explain why they remain Instagram friends to this day.

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It’s safe to assume Kardashian has no ill will toward her friend’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend. However, we must wait a bit longer to see how this apparent love triangle involving Kardashian, Ratajkowski, and Davidson plays out.