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How did Debby Ryan meet her husband, Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots?

Debby Ryan rose to prominence on the Disney Channel, but she is now married to Twenty One Pilots’ pop sensation Josh Dun.

Debby Ryan’s Disney work is well-known. She’s played a nanny to rich kids on ‘Jessie,’ Cole Sprouse’s nerdy girlfriend on ‘The Suite Life on Deck,’ and a 16-year-old-turned-adult in ’16 Wishes.’

How did Debby Ryan marry Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun? It’s complicated.

Debby and Josh began dating all the way back in 2013, according to PopSugar, so this is a lengthy tale. That means Debby would have been 20 and Josh would have been 24 at the time. Their romance was kept under wraps until Instagram made it public.

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According to their respective Wikipedia sites, they broke up about 2014 and later reunited, though the specifics are unclear. Ryan even tweeted in 2015 that she was “single and not trying to mingle.” The next year, though, she and Dun were back together and again made their relationship status public.

Who knows what transpired in the intervening years? Fans are aware that Dun proposed to Debby in 2018 (via his Instagram account), Debby accepted, and the couple wed the following year. In fact, the death of Debby’s close buddy from “Jessie,” Cameron Boyce, prompted the pair to rush down the aisle.


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Debby saw that they did not like to squander time.

Debby and Josh have been somewhat quiet about their “love story,” as PopSugar calls it, about how they met. However, Debby once confirmed that the couple’s first date took place at a restaurant in an Instagram post. She further noted that Dun learned how to tie a bow tie to impress her.

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Nicki Swift claims that Debby and Josh met through a mutual friend, while the rest of the details remain elusive.

Fans may believe that a Disney princess and a pop artist will never cross paths, yet it is becoming increasingly normal for Disney children to become singing sensations. Selena Gomez began her career on ‘Wizards of Waverly Place before ascending to the global scene.

Debby dabbled in music in the past, specifically when she recorded songs for the 2012 television film ‘Radio Rebel.’ Obviously, she had not yet met her future spouse at the time. However, this does not rule out the possibility that the couple could have met through their shared interest in music.

However, it is more likely that they met at an awards ceremony or another Hollywood event. Debby and her husband were both promising young talents when they first met, and they may have crossed paths long before they fell in love.

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