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Is Cha Eun Woo Gay or Straight and is Cha Eun Woo of Korean Descent?

So far, Astro member Cha EunWoo has been able to stay out of trouble, which isn’t surprising since he seems like a perfect angel.

But recently, some people have been criticizing a letter he wrote to a fan in the past.

Cha EunWoo Caught Up In Sexual Comment Controversy

In the letter, it says:

“Want to meet up in a sexy way while wearing tight clothes?”

Some people think that Cha EunWoo wrote the letter to boost the fan’s self-confidence about her appearance.

Someone who says they are the fan and the person who got the letter has also started writing in response to the whole thing.

Cha EunWoo Caught Up In Sexual Comment Controversy

In the post, it says:

“I gave it a lot of thought before deciding to write to the other fans, but here it is anyway.

I went to a fan meeting in 2016. I asked everyone to write down something that would make “nunas” (older women) “flutter” When it was my turn, I talked to EunWoo. I told him that he was hot and that he looked good in tight clothes. EunWoo left a message for me saying that the next time he met me and the fans, he would be wearing tight clothes.”

The fan also says that the letter had nothing to do with EunWoo trying to boost her self-esteem through her looks.