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Is Dixie Damelio Pregnant? Rumors About Her Pregnancy

Dixie D’Amelio’s pregnancy Is Dixie Damelio Pregnant? Rumors About Her Pregnancyhave resurfaced on social media! Dixie is one of the stars who rose to prominence thanks to the social media app TikTok. The social media celebrity turned singer is one of the app’s most successful musicians.

She and her younger sister Charlie D’Amelio reigned the trendy Tiktok for the entire year of 2020. She was also a member of Hype House and has over 45 million followers. A group of young TikTok stars based in Los Angeles, California.

When questioned why the sisters quit, they stated that the collective was becoming more focused on business than on content. Dixie has accomplished a lot in her life at such an early age thanks to Tiktok. She released her first single and established a successful YouTube channel after graduating from high school.

She has already worked with artists such as Billie Eilish, Liam Payne, Lil Uzi Vert, and Trippie Redd. She had planned to attend college after high school before the covid-19 pandemic struck. Her accomplishment, however, provided her with a way out of college and into the entertainment industry.

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Is Dixie D’amelio Pregnant?

The rumor that Dixie D’Amelio was pregnant began months ago. It all started when Dixie’s boyfriend, Noah Beck, posted a video of her on social media. He captioned the video “baby” because she was touching her stomach. The followers went crazy after one fan commented, “why is she touching her stomach and why is the caption saying, baby?”

This sparked confusion among fans and the Tiktok algorithm since they suspected Dixie D’Amelio was pregnant with Noah’s child. Dixie had to speak up because the news had traveled so widely. She stated that she is not pregnant and that people should not make up and believe such rumors.


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A YouTuber titled “Rhia Official” also posted a video on Dixie. Speaking about how people, whether they are admirers or trolls, love to jump to conclusions. Many users on Tiktok and stan Twitter are mocking the fans who assumed Dixie was pregnant simply because she was cradling her stomach.

To prank people, a few satire blogs and meme pages took advantage of the situation and created jokes about the Tiktok star being pregnant. Before this dispute began, trolls claimed that Dixie and Noach were not genuinely dating.

Some of them even created Tiktok videos with “proofs” that Dixie and Noah’s relationship is a sham. Dixie had to intervene and order everyone to stop. She also revealed that she has received numerous direct messages from people wondering if the relationship is real or false.

Fans React on Social Media

It’s safe to say that many of Dixie’s followers have condemned the comments that propagate bogus pregnancy allegations. One user reacted: “Not people assuming Dixie D’Amelio is pregnant because she touched her stomach in a TikTok with Noah.”

Someone else chimed in, “Why the f*** is everyone assuming Dixie is pregnant?! Another user commented on the video, saying, “Just because she touched her stomach doesn’t imply she’s prego!”

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The Relationship of Noah Beck and Dixie D’amelio

In late September 2021, the couple began dating. It hasn’t been easy for Noah and Dixie, who have received a lot of criticism and have been labeled as a fake pair. Noah decided to speak up in order to put a stop to this. Noah addressed his relationship with Dixie and what he has been hearing by posting a screenshot from his notes app.

Pay attention to the terms “Dixie slander is not permitted here lol.” He stated that he dislikes people making assumptions about him, his partner, or their relationship. Noah confirmed his connection with Dixie in a video with AwesomenessTV back in October, saying they would spend their summer together in 2020.

Is Dixie Damelio Pregnant?

Dixie’s family is well-known. Charlie is at the top of the Tiktok charts, her mother has a million Instagram followers, and her father is a politician. Next month, the D’Amelio family will get their own reality show. “The D’Amelio Show” will be available on Hulu soon.

The new show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been compared by fans. Dixie said that it would not be that. Even if she doesn’t mind the comparison, she can only dream of being as famous as Kim Kardashian. She collaborated with Ruby Rose on her latest track, “crazy.”

Why Did Dixie Shave Her Head?

Dixie D’Amelio posted a video of herself shaving off her hair ahead of New York Fashion Week, claiming that all she wanted to be was a “cool lady.” Dixie D’Amelio is the buzz of the town during New York Fashion Week.

Is Dixie Damelio Pregnant?

When the influencer arrived at the Harper’s Bazaar Global Icons Party on September 9 with a shaved head, fans were taken aback. Dixie accessorized her new hairstyle with a custom Etro gown with a halter neck and sensuous side cut-outs.

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In anticipation of the event, the 21-year-old outlined the transformation in a YouTube video, saying, “I’ve wanted to do this since sixth grade.” The TikTok star gave the crucial decision one last thought before reminding herself that “Everyone I’ve told is like, ‘Oh, that’s going to be wonderful,'” she continued. And who cares if no one likes it? She went on, “I just want to be a cool girl.”