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Is Esme, the Star of General Hospital, Really Pregnant in Real Life?

Want to know whether Esme is actually pregnant? American daytime television soap opera General Hospital. The series holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running soap opera in production, having debuted in 1963 and continuing to air.

In June 2022, the show celebrated its 50th anniversary. Avery Kristen Pohl currently appears in the long-running drama series.

In the ABC daytime drama General Hospital, Pohl portrays the notorious Esme Prince. Avery has previously appeared in horror films such as Sound of My Voice (2011) and Watch Over Us (2015).

While Esme is presumed to be dead, viewers are in for a huge surprise when she reappears and reveals to her scheming father, Ryan, that she has returned with a weapon that will bring down the mighty Cassadines! What is she discussing? Let’s examine all the details and lesser-known facts to determine whether Esme is actually pregnant.


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Is Esme pregnant in real life?

Esme is not actually pregnant. Esme, the actress who plays her, is not expecting. However, the famous General Hospital antagonist appears to have devised the ideal strategy, which may include a fake pregnancy, or is it a real one?

is esme on general hospital really pregnant in real life

Esme’s devious father Ryan suggested the pregnancy, and Esme was seen asking for a computer when she locked herself in an unused area of Wyndemere. Is she planning on forging a pregnancy test and tampering with the records? Viewers were taken aback when Esme returned to Port Charles and informed Nikolas Cassadine (played by Marcus Coloma) that he is about to become a father for the second time.

This major revelation, however, may cause problems for the Cassadines and another Port Charles resident. As fans are aware, Esme has been secretly working with her father, Ryan Chamberlain (played by Jon Lindstrom), to sabotage Nikolas and Ava Jerome. Esme has already discussed her evil plans with her biological father, including her plans to take the Cassadines. Viewers are convinced that the pregnancy will be crucial to the plan.


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Who is Esme Prince?

Esme Prince is one of the most talked-about characters on the long-running ABC daytime soap General Hospital, as she is the daughter of serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. Esme Prince, Spencer Cassadine’s boarding school sweetheart from France, was introduced into the plot.

Esme’s evil plans were eventually revealed when she admitted to being adopted and having adoptive siblings. She admits to having a strained relationship with her adoptive parents. Esme had a connection to Ryan Chamberlain, Dr. Kevin Collins’ identical twin brother, it was revealed last year.


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Later, viewers discovered the connection was paternal, with Ryan revealed to be Esme’s father and Felicia Scorpio mentioned as Esme’s mother.

In General Hospital, is Esme’s Pregnancy a Fake?

Esme, who appears to be expecting Nikolas’ child, is back with her perfect revenge strategy. Viewers are unsure as to whether Esme is actually pregnant or not and doubt the veracity of the pregnancy news.


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Esme’s infamous baby switch plan might involve having a child so she can carry out her evil plot against Nikolas. She might be open to the baby switch because she might be afraid of having her child taken away.

While Esme’s motivation has not yet been revealed to the public, we can anticipate a potential baby switch plotline developing. Despite the story’s familiarity and repeated use, the audience might find the plot twist to be compelling.