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Is Lee Jong Suk Gay or Not and What is His Statement on That in an Interview?

Lee Jong Suk, a South Korean actor, turned one on Tuesday (14th September 2021). Fans sent him heartfelt messages on social media, and now the actor has written a thank-you note to his followers on his official Instagram account. The birthday boy posted a beautiful selfie of himself with a beautiful sunset in the background and wrote “Thank you” in Korean. He has also shown what his fans, friends, and close people gave him for his birthday. Lee Jong Suk was last seen at work in the movie “Romance Is a Bonus Book” with Lee Na Young. The last time we saw him, he was filming for his next movie, “Decibel.” ‘Big Mouth,’ a new drama, will also feature him.

Is Lee Jong Suk Gay or Straight?

109 people have said that Lee Jong Suk is 49% gay.
But the average gay rating is 69%, so compared to other celebrities, Lee Jong Suk is very straight.

About Boyfriend of Lee Jong Suk

Is Lee Jong Suk Gay

In the music video for “I Don’t Care,” one of my favorite 2NE1 songs, a young Lee with curly hair played a boyfriend who didn’t care.

Because Lee is so charming, people watched him in “7 First Kisses,” which was a cheesy ad for Lotte Duty-Free Shop that looked like a K-Drama. This web series was terrible, so I hope he got paid a lot. Still, I watched the whole thing because… Lee Jong-Suk. It was easy for him to play a charming star whose job is to make women fall in love with him.

Lee’s first role was a small one in the movie “Sympathy,” which came out in 2005. But he didn’t really try to become an actor until 2010. He got parts in the movie “Ghost” and the South Korean dramas “Prosecutor Princess” and “Secret Garden.” Lee played a key role in the second movie, which was about a musical prodigy who turned out to be gay. In “Doctor Stranger,” one of his most popular K-dramas, he played a brilliant North Korean surgeon who flees South Korea after his father dies.

Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk

Do you know how you eventually grow apart from your best friend? Yeah, wagging tongues. In fact, I’ve heard and read so much about these two recently that I feel sorry for them. I guess this is another bad thing about being REALLY well-known. People can’t stop talking about you.


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And really, I can’t stand to read all these stupid accusations and guesses when no one has even admitted to doing anything close to what is being said, to the point of bringing in members of Big Bang. You people just have super wild imagination juices, don’t you? Has everyone forgotten what happened with the ship between YAI and SJK?

Seriously, I think everything they have done and continues to do is just for the fans. You already know how crazy Korean fangirls are about flower boy x boy skin ships, even though the whole country is homophobic. What better way to create a fantasy and give it to girls (both in puberty and way past it) than to ship two young actors who used to be models? It goes without saying that they are two cool friends in real life.

Since the explosive kiss in School 2013—for which I have to give credit to the writer, who could see their awesome, burning chemistry—the people behind this idea have been selling it to fans, and they are still doing so with recent fashion and commercial collaborations. I bet they (the merchants and the boys) were having a good time, and they weren’t even trying that hard, with all these responses coming in. Look at how everyone is making fanfics, fanart, fanvids, and other things about them, and even though it’s been like half a year since the idea was first sold, it’s stronger than ever.

Would You Want to End This Dream?

Of course not, NEVER! Just think of all the money that could be made with this pair! So even if one or both of them were gay, they won’t come out, at least not in the next 10 years. If what I say turns out to be wrong, you can go ahead and think less of me.

Even if they were dating in real life, do you think they would be so stupid as to get so close to danger? Even though they are young, they are not stupid. They have been working hard since they were young, but now they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If being close to your best friend more than usual can make you money, why not? See what they have to say about how work is more important than dating in this interview.