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Jessica Chastain’s Husband and Kids

If you’ve been following Jessica Chastain’s most recent program, Scenes From a Marriage, starring Oscar Isaac, you’ll have seen how nasty their on-screen relationship is.

The dramatic miniseries throws light on adultery and the impossibility of monogamy for some individuals. Jessica Chastain’s real-life marriage differs from her on-screen union. The following information pertains to her husband and children.

Jessica Chastain’s Husband

In 2017, Jessica Chastain and Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo wed. They like to keep their connection private, but interviews have revealed a few specifics. The Wall Street Journal reports that when Jessica initially met Gian, marriage was not her primary priority.



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She explained, “He knew I wasn’t interested in marriage, but as we got to know each other, my perspective on marriage changed. There are a few things worth celebrating, and he is one of them. I truly enjoy being married. I never thought I’d say this, but this person is extraordinary, and I’m thrilled to share my life with him.”

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Gian is a count, so Jessica is also a countess. Gian’s family name dates back to 973 A.D., and he is a fashion publicist for a living. Once upon a time, he was Armani’s director of public relations. Jessica and Gian were married in Italy in 2017, with celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt in attendance.

They first met at a fashion event in Paris on the day she was nominated for an Academy Award for best-supporting actress for her performance in The Help. Despite their desire to keep their relationship extremely covert, she occasionally posts adorable photos with Gian.

Jessica Chastain’s kids

Like her marriage, Jessica conceals information about her children. What is certain is that they have a daughter named Guilietta Chastaine Passi. Guilietta was born with the assistance of a surrogate in April 2018, although Jessica did not disclose that she had become a mother until December of the same year.


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In 2020, it was reported that Jessica and Gian were expecting their second child. They were observed moving the infant about in a stroller, but no further information was ever provided. In Hollywood, speculations that most female celebrities are pregnant circulate often, but as of 2021, Jessica is neither pregnant nor expecting her third kid.

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