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Kang Min-soo Accept His Homosexuality by Instagram Post, is It True or Not?

In a heartfelt social media post, South Korean rapper Aquinas said that he is both gay and straight. The young artist posted the bisexual flag and the words “I am bisexual” in both English and Korean on Instagram on Tuesday, July 13. The post got almost 40,000 likes and was full of messages of support from fans. Aquinas talked more about his choice to come out in an interview with SPOTV.

“Before I posted, I thought about it for three or four hours,” he said. “In our society, people who are LGBTQ+ are still picked on and criticized. I thought that if I told this story when I was young, it would give LGBT people courage and comfort. The rapper, who is 20 years old, also said that he was nervous about coming out because of the possible backlash. “I was worried about whether or not I could post and how people would react if I did,” he said.

“But I wanted to give LGBT people courage, and I felt like I had to stand up for them, so I finally told the story I wanted to tell. I never wish I hadn’t come out.” In his career, Aquinas wants to make more songs that are about LGBTQ+ people. “A lot of songs in the American pop market tell stories about LGBT people. “I want to make a song like that too and help them out!” he exclaimed.

Aquinas, whose real name is Kang Min-soo, has been getting more popular in the world of K-pop. In 2019, he came in second place at the High School Rapper 3 competition. When he came out with It Dozen Matter and competed on the popular TV show Show Me The Money, he kept going up. Aquinas comes out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, which is becoming more and more common among Korean pop stars. In 2020, when he was celebrating his 10th anniversary as a trot artist (a popular Korean genre), singer Kwon Do Woon came out as gay. Back in 2019, Som Hein posted a picture of her girlfriend along with an Instagram post that said she was bisexual.

South Korean Rapper Kang Min-soo Has Come Out as Bisexual in a Powerful Instagram Post

Aquinas, whose real name is Kang Minsoo, was a contestant on the Korean TV show High School Rapper in 2019. He won second place on the show. In 2016, he also took part in the rap competition Show Me the Money.

Aquinas put a picture of the bisexual flag with the words “I’m a bisexual” written in both English and Korean on his Instagram on Tuesday, July 13.

The rapper’s simple but powerful post about coming out has gotten a lot of love on the platform, with thousands of fans showing their support. One fan wrote that they are “so proud” of Aquinas, and another said, “I’ll always be on your side.”

In an interview with the Korean news site SPOTV, Aquinas talked more about why he chose to come out. He said that he hadn’t thought about coming out on Instagram until “three or four hours before posting.”

Aquinas said that hiding his sexuality from the public was “frustrating,” but that he wanted to “give courage” to queer fans by telling his “story.”

“LGBT+ people are still picked on and criticized in our society,” Aquinas told SPOTV. “I thought that if I told this story when I was young, it would give LGBT+ people courage and comfort.”

He also said that he was worried about what his family, who already knew he was gay, might have to go through because of it. Aquinas worries most about his younger brother, who is in high school right now.

Aquinas told SPOTV that in the future he wants to write songs about the LGBT+ community. The rapper started making music on his own in 2020, and his latest EP, “It Doesn’t Matter,” came out earlier this year. He said, “A lot of songs in the American pop market tell stories about LGBT+ people.

“I want to make a song like that, too, to show my support for them.”

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Kang Min-soo is One of the Few Openly LGBT+ Celebrities in South Korea

Even though most same-sex relationships are not illegal, South Koreans are still not very accepting of LGBT+ people. Same-sex marriage is not allowed by law, and same-sex relationships are not allowed in the military.

Kang Min-soo Homosexuality

Hong Seok Cheon, a TV host, and the chef was the first and only big star to come out as gay since 2000. But last year, K-pop singer Kwon Do Woon came out as gay and said that the chef gave him the “courage” to live his truth.

Since coming out in 2018 as the “first gay K-pop idol,” Holland has been open about being gay. But his first music video, which showed a kiss between two people of the same gender, was rated 19+ by the government. This meant that it couldn’t be shown on national or cable TV in South Korea. Last year, Holland asked his fans to “please admit that I’m gay” after he was named the 10th “gayest K-pop idol” by a Twitter user.

Som Hein, a second K-pop singer, came out as a bisexual woman in 2019.

In Korea, too, there aren’t many trans characters. The actor and singer Harisu is the country’s best-known trans star. Harisu said earlier this year that transphobic online trolls don’t hurt her because she is “legally a woman” and “there’s nothing to be gained by telling me I’m not a woman.”