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Is Kim Nam Gil Gay or Straight and What Actor Go Dae Hyun Said About Kim Nam-Gil?

Kim Nam Gil started acting a long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that he became known as one of the most important Korean actors.

Nam Gil’s career got off to a good start when he was in a KBS youth drama called School 1 in 1999.

This “puppy actor” then went to an MBC Talent Audition in 2003 and did well. Later, he showed up on a show called “Be Strong, Geum-soon!” (2005).

Nam Gil’s first controversial project was the movie No Regret, in which he played a gay character (2006).

Even though this movie got a lot of good reviews, he didn’t become as well-known as he should have.

In 2008, he was in the movie Public Enemy Returns with actor Jung Jae Young, who was also in high school with him.

Is Kim Nam-Gil Gay or Straight?

Is Kim Nam-Gil Gay or Straight

People like to talk about rumors about the sexuality and orientation of famous people. We don’t know for sure if Kim Nam-Gil is straight, gay, or bisexual.

82% of voters think Kim Nam-Gil is straight (heterosexual), while 13% of voters think he is gay (homosexual), and 6% think he is bisexual.

Actor Go Dae Hyun About Kim Nam-Gil

If the recent backlash against KBS’s new lesbian drama is any indication, it’s not easy for actors to play LGBT characters. Korean society isn’t as open to or accepting of dramas with these kinds of themes, which is why they are often canceled before they even air.

Is Kim Nam-Gil Gay or Straight

Still, top stars like Jo In Sung, Joo Jin Mo, Kim Nam Gil, and Hwang Jung Min have done better when playing gay characters, but at what cost? Go Dae Hyun, a new actor, recently talked to E-Daily about his role as a gay man in the movie “I Envy You.” He talked about some of the ways the movie has made him feel since it was finished.

Go Dae Hyun’s role in the movie, which was shown at the Junju International Film Festival in 2008, was praised. “There was a kissing scene and a light bed scene in the movie. It took me two months after finishing the movie to stop thinking about the character. I was so depressed that I had to drink to feel better.”

He went on, “It was hard on my mind, so I always chanted to myself to get in the right frame of mind. I knew I didn’t love my co-star, but I also didn’t feel like I didn’t like him. I didn’t realize it, but I was unconsciously trying to defend my feelings, so I drifted away from my co-stars.”

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The real problem started when he was only offered gay roles. “People would tell me they liked the movie and offer me parts. I was really happy, but then I found out that the character was also gay. Even another man once asked me to marry him.

Go went on to say, “Actors often quit in the middle of filming, and production companies will just scrap the whole project because they’re afraid of what the public will think.” So, they will look for the same actors who played their roles well. I don’t want to play these kinds of roles again because I want to play a wider range of roles.”

He said at the end of the interview, “I want to try new things. I’m sure I can play the role of a modern city man who looks cold but has a warm heart, or maybe even the role of the bad guy. I don’t want to become famous or get a big role. I just want to keep getting better as an actor with each new job.”