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Is Tom Holland Gay or Not and What is His Statement on That?

People wonder if Tom Holland is gay for a lot of different reasons. It’s the same as when people ask any male celebrity about his s*xuality. It happens all the time, and it’s because our culture has certain ideas about how men should act and because the media is so interested in every part of a celebrity’s life. But what is it about Tom Holland that makes us wonder if he is gay?

People wondering if “Tom Holland is gay” is nothing special, but since you asked, Holland is a young, good-looking guy, so many gay men (mostly) hope to feel closer to a star who also likes being with men. Second, some people wonder why Holland hangs out with his best friend Harrison “Haz” Osterfield SUCH A LOT (which is fine!).

Is Tom Holland Gay? The Verdict is in

Spider-Man has changed a lot over the years, from Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield. But it’s clear that Tom Holland is a fan favorite, and it seems like everyone wants to know everything about him, including if he likes men. Tom Holland has won over Spider-Man fans of all s*xual orientations.

Tom Holland on a Gay Spider-man

Is Holland Gay

Before Spider-Man: Far From Home came out in theatres, Tom Holland talked to The Times about whether or not Spider-Man could be gay. He talked about Peter Parker in a very modern way by saying:

“I can’t talk about the character’s future because honestly, I don’t know, and it’s out of my hands. But I do know a lot about the future of Marvel, and they are going to be representing lots of different people in the next few years,” he quipped, being uncharacteristically vague about the future of Spider-Man.

He expressed the need for a gay Marvel character to be front and center. “The world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy. It doesn’t end there, and these films need to represent more than one type of person.”

Even though this doesn’t settle the question of whether or not Tom Holland is gay, it’s nice to see well-known actors who are open to the idea of queer MCU heroes. This is especially true when you think about how most superhero stories, like Captain America: Civil War or Iron Man, have been about straight white men.

The Facts of Tom Holland’s S*xuality

It can be dangerous to look into a celebrity’s personal life, but it is important to get the facts. Here is a short timeline of interviews, Instagram posts, and fan theories about Holland’s s*xuality.

In 2019, everyone was asking, “Is Tom Holland bisexual?” The results were not clear because the actor himself has never said anything about his s*xuality, either for or against it.

Fans haven’t stopped guessing and hoping, though. For example, some people have made YouTube videos “proving” that young Spider-Man is bisexual. What was the “proof”? Tom Holland can’t sit right during interviews, which is a nod to the stereotype of the “chaotic bisexual.”

In 2020, when Tom Holland was still young, he posted a cute video on Instagram about Jake Gyllenhall, who he called his “husband.”

Again, we are not saying that Tom Holland is gay because he posted about his love for the wide-eyed Jake Gyllenhall, no matter how cute and sweet the post is. Whether this is a sign that Tom Holland might be gay or just a sign that he plays a sweet and lovely character, we love seeing two men show affection for each other!

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Is Tom Holland Gay? The Definitive Answer

Is Holland Gay

Now, let’s talk about who Holland has been seen with. Our young Spider-Man has been linked to a few women over the years. Tom Holland’s dating history, on the other hand, shows that he has never had a boyfriend. This makes us think that he is probably totally straight.

Tom has been with a number of women over the years, and many of them were not in his circle of celebrity influence. Since his first movie as a Marvel frontman, his real-life girlfriend has also been his on-screen girlfriend. That means that everything fans thought about Tom Holland and Zendaya was true.

In a recent interview, Zendaya and “our hometown hero” said that they planned to buy a home in London together. At the time the book was written, they were probably already living there. The house is worth around $4 million, and it has a gym, a “man cave,” and a theatre.