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Tyler Perry’s Marriage, Wife, Childrens and Ex-Girlfriends

Tyler Perry Wiki

Tyler Perry is a multitalented actor, novelist, director, and screenwriter from the United States. He is most known for his conception and performances as the cruel “Mabel Earlene Simmons” or “Madea” in the comedy franchise Madea.

Emmitt Perry Jr. is Tyler Perry’s actual name. On 13 September 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States, he was born. In March 2022, he will turn 52 years old. He was brought up by his parents, Emmitt Perry Sr. and Willie Maxine Perry (nèe Campbell). Reports indicate that Tyler had a challenging upbringing. He tried suicide to escape his father’s beatings since he grew up with a physically abusive father.

In order to distance himself from his father, he officially changed his first name to Tyler at the age of 16. Tyler was raised with three siblings, Emmbre Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter.

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Tyler Perry’s Marriage and Relationship

Tyler Perry’s Marriage and Relationship

As of the date of this article’s publication (November 2022), Tyler Perry is unmarried and has no wife. The actor has claimed that he is now having a midlife crisis and is also single. However, he was in a long-term relationship with Gelila Bekele and has been linked to stars such as Tasha Smith and Tyra Banks.

Tyler Perry’s Ex-partner – Gelila Bekele

Gelila Bekele is an American model who was born in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. At the age of 19, while still a student at the University of California, Berkeley, she was found as a model.

Tyler Perry’s Ex-partner – Gelila Bekele

In 2006, she began her modeling career with Ford Models in New York and Paris. She has worked with well-known designers and companies such as Pantene, L’Oreal, Michael Kors, H&M, Pinko, Levi’s, etc., over the years.

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Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele’s Relationship

In 2007, Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry met during a concert by Prince. Tyler Perry characterized their initial encounter as “love at first sight,” adding that they had an instant connection that prompted them to begin dating immediately.

They were together for almost a decade, and although rumors circulated that they secretly wed, none of them verified the rumors. Gelila Bekele and Tyler Perry decided to end their romance in 2020 after a period of on-and-off dating. It was claimed that Tyler Perry’s busy schedule and inability to sustain a relationship with his girlfriend led to their separation.

Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele's Relationship

Despite their separation, they remained close friends. According to insiders, Tyler Perry was unable to deny the connection he shared with Gelila since he kept returning to her. He revealed his affection for Gelila Bekele and regarded her as an extraordinary individual with whom he would always want to be associated. Their relationship resulted in the birth on November 30, 2014, of a boy called Aman Tyler Perry.

is Tyler Perry Gay?

There have been whispered inquiries regarding Tyler Perry’s sexuality and rumors that he is gay, however, there is no proof to support these claims and Tyler Perry has never publicly addressed them, except in his films.

How Many Children Does Tyler Perry Have?

The only child of Tyler Perry is a boy called Aman Tyler Perry. On November 30, 2014, his ex-partner Gelila Bekele gave birth to Aman. He will be seven years old in March 2022.

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Tyler Perry’s relationship with Tasha Smith

American actress and filmmaker Tasha Smith. She was born in Camden, New Jersey, United States, on February 28, 1971. She will be 54 years old in March of 2022.

Earlier than Perry’s long-term romance with Gelila Bekele, Tasha Smith and Tyler Perry reportedly had a “thing.” During the 2000s, while they were rumored to be dating, Tasha Smith appeared in several of Tyler Perry’s works.

Tyler Perry’s relationship with Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith was reportedly astonished to find that Tyler Perry and Gelila Bekele were expecting a child around 2014. According to Smith, she previously believed Tyler Perry was asexual and regarded him as an uncle who never participated in sexual behavior. Despite this, she was really delighted for him. This offered followers an indication that the two may have never been together.

Tyler Perry and Tyra Banks’s relationship

Tyra Banks is an American television personality, model, and actress who was born in Inglewood, California, on December 4, 1973. She will be 48 years old in March of 2022.

Tyler Perry and Tyra Banks's relationship

In 2006, it was rumored that Tyler Perry and Tyra Banks were having an affair when they were photographed on a dinner date together, but they later denied having a sexual relationship. The rumors were dispelled when Tyra Banks referred to Tyler Perry as a close friend.

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