Who is Bianca Censori? Kanye West married her

Who is Bianca Censori? Kanye West married her
Who is Bianca Censori? Kanye West married her

Kanye West has reportedly rediscovered love in the arms of Bianca Censori, according to recent reports; however, who is he?

The divorce deal between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian was signed at the end of the month of November, marking the conclusion of their lengthy legal struggle.

According to the divorce records, the former presidential candidate must pay $200,000 per month for the upkeep of his four children and cover half of their educational fees. However, he is now married to Bianca Censori, so what? Who is there?

The most recent information about the rapper is that he has rediscovered love in the arms of an employee of his multimillion-dollar fashion company, Yeezy.

After reporters spotted him going across Los Angeles with a mysterious blonde woman, it was revealed that she already had a name, surname, and wedding ring.

Who is Bianca Censori?

It would be the designer Bianca Censori, who has worked at Yeezy for years and, according to her LinkedIn profile photo — her Instagram account has been inexplicably deleted – was a brunette until recently.

Meet Kanye West's new Australian 'WIFE' Bianca Censori - who is the spitting image of Kim Kardashian | Daily Mail Online

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This social network provides us with further information about her, such as the fact that she was schooled in Australia, especially Melbourne, and that, like Brad Pitt’s current girlfriend, she had a jewelry design company.

According to celebrity-focused media, Ye – as the artist is now known – and Bianca would have performed a wedding ceremony, but people close to his surroundings assert that it does not appear that they have produced a valid marriage certificate.

Dedicate a song for his new wife

However, Ye already wears a wedding band, which he was photographed wearing last week when the couple visited the opulent Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills together.

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Also, the most recent song he published would be an homage to his new wife. The song “Censori Overload,” a pun on the surname of his alleged new wife, gives hints for those who choose to listen, similar to Shakira’s recent and popular hit. For instance, the line “And the Bible says, ‘I cannot have any more sex until marriage.

Kanye West marries Yeezy designer Bianca Censori in private ceremony: Report - India Today

The rapper, who has had a short connection with actress Julia Fox after his breakup from the entrepreneur and influencer, was also spotted with Censori at the Balenciaga show in May.

Ye has maintained a low profile in the months following his anti-Semitic tirades. The rapper’s career ended abruptly after he admitted to liking Hitler and the Nazis.

The artist previously generated controversy by donning ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirts during his Paris Fashion Week presentation. Since then, he has lost a number of lucrative commercial relationships, including the one he had with Adidas, which caused him to relinquish his billionaire title.

The ‘Runaway’ artist has reportedly been refused contact to his children and banned from family events. Recently, Kim stated that she want to conceal the singer’s troubles from her four children.

Why would I bring that energy to them if they don’t know what’s being said or what’s going on in the world? These are grownup issues with which kids are ill-equipped to manage,” she stated in a podcast in December.

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