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Who is Cecily Strong’s Boyfriend? Who does the former SNL cast member date in 2022?

Cecily Strong is in a relationship with her boyfriend Jack, whom she met at a 2019 holiday party. On International Women’s Day in 2020, the couple became boyfriend and girlfriend. Many admirers are also curious about her boyfriend Kevin, while others are interested in Michael Che and his relationship status.

Similarly, Cecily Strong’s inquiries concern her breakup with Mike O’Brien. Additionally, some admirers are curious about Cecily Strong’s daughter and family.

Cecily Strong is an American actor and comedian who has appeared on Saturday Night Live since 2012 when she joined the cast. Due to her role on SNL, she has been nominated twice for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Recently, she starred in the Apple TV+ musical comedy series Schmigadoon!, and in 2021, she published the memoir This Will All Be Over Soon.

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Cecily Strong is dating a man named Jack

Cecily Strong (@cecilystrong) has historically been the subject of pregnancy rumors. Every time she gains a few pounds, people leap to the conclusion that she is pregnant.

She has called them out on their nonsense a few times when she was unused to it and annoyed by the intrusive speculations, but she no longer acknowledges them.

She is discreet about it. Therefore, once pregnancy rumors begin to circulate, she remains mute and leaves everyone wondering. However, given that she is private, does she even have a boyfriend?

In actuality, Cecily Strong does have a boyfriend. The veteran of SNL is not single. It would be a letdown for us if she was, as one cannot be that hilarious and still be unmarried.

Since joining Saturday Night Live in 2012, the actress has achieved widespread celebrity but has kept a significant portion of her life private. Her romantic life was similarly opaque. Until August 2021, when she published her memoir This Will All Be Over Soon.

The comic describes her current relationship in her memoir. It is a person named Jack. In 2019, they met at a Christmas party. He could be a gift from Santa Claus to her. Cecily converses with a mustachioed man at the party while she writes in her memoir about the moment she met her boyfriend. Apparently, he is rather adorable.

Due to her social anxiety, exhaustion, and intoxication, Cecily Strong cannot recall the majority of what she and Jack discussed. But based on what occurs next (he goes to her house), I believe the dialogue went something like this: “Hey, you look pleasant; would you like to spend more time with me?” or “Can I crash on your couch tonight?


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As she describes him further in the novel, Cecily is timid the following morning. John is slightly less shy than her (perhaps because the booze had worn off and they realized they were in the presence of a stranger they had just met the night before).

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Instead of requesting her number, he offers to give her his own. “Can I give you my number?” he asks Cecily Strong. She passes him the pink-flamingo pen her psychiatrist gave her that week (at this point, her memory has come into great focus) and she uncovers an old receipt on which Jack had written his number and his name.

The remainder is history. We can assume that Cecily liked him based on the fact that she called him and then they began dating. On International Women’s Day 2020, after a period of dating, they began formally referring to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend as opposed to just some guy or lady they are seeing.

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They made their relationship official after seeing the U.S. Women’s National Team face Spain in the SheBelieves Cup. The game must have been incredibly unromantic!

Currently, the pair resides in New York City. Additionally, Cecily Strong recalls how terrified she was when Jack contracted Covid-19 a few weeks into their relationship. She adds that she was unhappy with herself for continually needing to know if he was okay and with Jack for not understanding why she needed to know.

With this level of concern, it is safe to presume that the relationship is thriving. What began as a one-night stand developed into a great relationship.

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