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Who is Danica McKellar’s spouse? The actress explains why she left Los Angeles for rural Tennessee

Since childhood, actress Danica McKellar has lived in Los Angeles. However, she just chose to go to a rural location in Tennessee, where she will spend the holiday season. McKellar, in an interview with People, stated:

“I adore the fact that my favourite Christmas film characters have rubbed off on me. I believe this is a beautiful instance of life mimicking art.”

The Hack! star, together with her husband, attorney Scott Sveslosky, son Draco, and mother Mahalia, relocated to a home outside of Nashville. McKellar stated that she and Sveslosky have waited a long time to see nature and that they will no longer be in the city.

Although McKellar and Svelovsky have never resided in Tennessee, they have ties to the state from their time together. McKellar stated that she and Svelovsky dated for one month before they realized they couldn’t be apart. At the time, Danica was filming in Kentucky.

The star of The Wonder Years stated that she was also drawn to the place because of its ties to country music. She said:

“Memphis and Nashville are both cities of entertainment. They are known for their music. Being from Los Angeles and a performer, it’s good to be surrounded by creative individuals.”

Danica is currently transforming her property into her ideal residence. She explains that she is not a designer, but is attempting to make the home suitable for her family. She stated that they are constructing a kitchen for her mother on the ground floor.

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Danica stated that the house does not require any renovations, but added that she frequently uses the trampoline in the backyard.

She also stated that after visiting the surrounding area for some time, she concluded that her favorite aspects of the location are the summer clouds and the autumn foliage on maple trees. Danica McKellar stated that she adores it when the leaves turn “gold, pink, orange, and red.

Although she chose to go to a natural area, the adjustment was difficult, and McKellar declined to work on major projects. Recently, Danica departed the Hallmark Channel for Great American Country. After completing her shift, she drove to Canada to begin filming Christmas at the Drive-In.

Danica McKellar now intends to build new memories during her first Tennessee winter. On Thanksgiving, she will host her family and some cousins at her new home.

Scott Sveslosky is married to Danica McKellar

Danica McKellar and Scott Sveslosky became engaged in July 2014 and were married in November 2014 in Kauai, Hawaii. Scott is a partner in the Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton law firm in Los Angeles.

Danica told Country Living that she met Scott through friends, and she continued:

“The parents of a classmate of my son were acquainted with him and stated, “We want him to meet someone decent.” He is such a gentleman.’ I thought, ‘Okay, a kind guy is just what I’m looking for. ‘He need not be a model or anything.’ However, it turns out that he was formerly a model. He possesses every quality. He is the kindest person ever.”

After a few phone calls, the couple met for coffee and fell in love with one another.

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Danica McKellar was previously married to composer Michael “Mike” Verta in 2009. Since 2001, the couple had been dating, however, they separated in June 2012. Danica’s kid Draco is shared with Verta.


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From 1988 through 1993, Danica McKellar portrayed Winnie Cooper on the ABC television series The Wonder Years. She also provided the voice for Miss Martian in the 2010 animated series Young Justice and appeared in other shows such as Project Mc2 and The Jetsons.

The 47-year-old is also the author of six mathematics-related publications, including Math Doesn’t S**k, Ki*s My Math, and Hot X: Algebra Exposed, among others.

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