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Who is Holly Taylor? Check About Her Age, Social Accounts and Role in Manifest

After the shocking season 3 finale of Manifest, in which Angelina (Holly Taylor) stabs Grace (Athena Karkanis) and kidnaps baby Eden because she believes she has a special connection to the infant, we’ve been counting down the days until we finally find out what happens to the unlikeliest of villains.

On November 4, part 1 of Manifest season 4 arrived on Netflix, and viewers were quick to return to the 8/28 mystery. If you’re interested in Holly Taylor and wish to discover more about her, or if you simply desire a refresher, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Below is everything you need to know about Angelina Jolie as an actress.

What is Holly Taylor’s age?

Holly is a Canadian-American actress who portrays Angelina Meyer, a passenger on Flight 828 who was introduced in season 3 and had a significant role throughout the season. She has reached the age of 25, having just celebrated her 25th birthday on October 31.

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What is Holly Taylor’s height?

According to Celeb Heights, the 25-year-old Manifest actress is a diminutive 5 feet tall, but her IMDb page lists her height as 5 feet, 3 inches. She has not commented publicly about her height, thus it is reasonable to assume she falls within this range.

Holly Taylor’s Instagram Account


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If you’re interested in following the young actress on Instagram, you can find her at @holly Taylor. The Manifest actress has a strong social media presence and frequently publishes images and videos from the set as well as pictures from her daily life, so there is a great deal of stuff for you to consume.

Holly Taylor’s roles in Manifest

While many may recognize Holly’s face from Manifest, the young actress’s performing resume is already excellent. According to IMDb, Holly has already accumulated 17 acting credits. She has appeared in several notable television programs, including The Unsettling, The Good Doctor, and The Americans.

Click here to view her complete film and television history!

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