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Who is Kelly Mi Li Dating? The Star of Bling Empire is Expecting Her First Baby With Her Boyfriend.

Do you want to know who Kelly Mi Li is dating? Yes, we’re referring to the Bling Empire star who is currently making waves due to her pregnancy. Yes, she is expecting her first child, which brings up the subject of her romantic interest.

However, in Season 3 of the program, she admitted to being in love after a tumultuous relationship ended. Before we go there, let’s find out how well-known Kelly Mi Li is. To begin with, Kelly Mi Li is not only the star but also the executive producer of the Netflix drama Bling Empire.

She began her career by establishing the media production company Organic Media Group. It released the thriller cybercrime series Cypher last year. Kelly moved to the United States from China as a child. She has worked in various fields such as insurance, real estate, and so on.

Have you heard of East-West Artists? Kelly has also been affiliated with a talent management business. Aside from being a well-known television personality, she also started an NGO called the Golden Voice Society. Kelly Mi Li, who was born on November 13, 1985, recently turned 37 years old.

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Returning to Kelly Mi Li’s pregnancy, she is now reveling in the motherly glow. She is both excited and apprehensive because it is her first time. Fans who are aware of the news have already flooded Kelly with love and support. But who is the baby’s father? Here’s what we know about Kelly Mi Li’s romantic relationships.

Who Kelly Mi Li is Dating?

Kelly Mi Li dated Andrew Gray. Their five-year romance ended in March 2021. The Bling Empire star was deeply shaken by her encounter.

Who is Kelly Mi Li Dating?

Toxic. Kelly Mi Li married businessman Lin Miao. Cybercriminal, he was jailed. So far, her love life has been rocky. Kelly Mi Li looks to have found the love of her life. The unknown is her lover. Kelly Mi Li’s current boyfriend is unknown. Bling Empire star uploaded a silhouette photo.

She captioned the photo, “When you meet the proper person, you’ll know.” Kelly feels supported, loved, fulfilled, and cared for since her partner arrived. Kelly Mi Li posted the anniversary photo. She called her boyfriend her “partner in crime” and “best buddy.” Why is Kelly Mi Li hiding her boyfriend’s name?

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Some believe she’s terrified of her history. The singer seems to be waiting to talk about her boyfriend in public. Whoever he is, it’s fantastic to see Kelly Mi Li happy. Both start new journeys. Kelly’s marriage plans are unknown. Best wishes! Kelly Mi Li’s Instagram page has more life updates. Kelly, get well soon!

Kelly Mi Li Announces Pregnancy

On November 17, 2022, Kelly Mi Li made the news of her pregnancy. She informed him that she will start a new family. What is he? Mi Li used the cutest message to reveal her pregnancy in a paid partnership with Clearblue pregnancy tests.


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Kelly Mi Li makes mention of her Netflix series Bling Empire and how her mother expresses a strong desire for grandkids in the article. We couldn’t be happier for Kelly!

A Summary of Her Life and Her First Husband

Mi Li babysat at 12 and worked at a restaurant, Victoria’s Secret, and Pottery Barn. At 18, she began working for New York Life with her life and health insurance license. Mi Li quit school at 21 to move to Los Angeles against her mother’s wishes. She met Lin Miao in the food sector.

Mi Li was introduced to unimaginable wealth by texting company founder Lin Miao. The couple spent $400,000 on their Black AmEx card, flying private to Tokyo and stockpiling Birkins and Tiffany jewelry. Seven cars and four houses were theirs. 2015: The government arrested him.


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The FBI called Miao’s cyber fraud “one of the largest in American history.” “It was surprising,” Mi Li told The Washington Post, adding that she and her husband were divorcing when she found out. “Fortunately, it didn’t happen when we were together.” It was challenging since I didn’t know what was happening and my mother and I were paying his legal fees.

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Her money ran out. Mi Li cut costs by selling Birkins. Even after she was married, she never stopped working; it wasn’t in her character to give up. She said being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs. “Money flows. I’ll always make money; there’s just an adjustment period.