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Who is Lauren, Ryan Tannehill’s wife, and where does she come from?

Ryan Tannehill went from being the backup quarterback for the Titans to leading them to a great playoff run, and one fan cheered for him more than anyone else. Lauren Tannehill has been with Tannehill since he was a student at Texas A&M. Even though his NFL career has been full of ups and downs, she has always been there for him.

How did Ryan and Lauren Tannehill meet?

In 2009, when Lauren Ulfer was on spring break in Panama City, Florida, she met Ryan. They became close because they both believed in Jesus. Lauren has repeatedly said that their shared faith has helped them stay together.

She once told a blogger, “Our first talks were funny and deep, and we both told each other that we loved the Lord from the start.” The Sun-Sentinel reported that this is what she said. “After three months together, I knew he was the one.”

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The Sun-Sentinel says that Lauren sends Bible verses and words of encouragement to her husband whenever he needs them. It’s a tradition she says comes from where she comes from.

Lauren Tannehill

People who know her best say that Lauren is a Texas girl through and through, and her interests show that. In 2019, she caused a stir when she returned a rental car and left an AR-15 assault rifle in the back seat.

Lauren’s love of guns comes from her roots in Texas. (It was okay to own the gun.) Lauren is married to a successful NFL quarterback but has her own job.

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What does Lauren Tannehill do?

People like Lauren because she is kind and humble. She has a big following on social media, where she always posts about her faith, her husband, their dogs, their meals, and the latest news. She got a job as a model while she was still in school because of how pretty she was.

Lauren has, among other things, been the face of a jewelry company. Since then, she has worked on and off.

Ryan and Lauren Tannehill live where?

Where Lauren has been with Ryan since he first joined the NFL. They lived in Miami the whole time Ryan played for the Miami Dolphins. When he became a Titan, she was glad to move to Tennessee.


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In Nashville, they enjoy all the food, music, and entertainment the city has to offer. People who follow them on Instagram say that they look happy in their new city. Ryan and Lauren Tannehill, do they live?

Other than Ryan, does Lauren have any other family?

Ryan and Lauren have two kids: Steel, who is 3 years old, and Stella, who is 1 year old. During the NFL season, fans have seen the kids and their mom cheering for their dad almost every week.

Lauren has two young children who keep her busy, but she also had a terrible thing happen recently. In October 2019, Lauren’s father died.

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Is Lauren Ryan’s biggest fan?

During most of the NFL season, nobody paid much attention to the Tennessee Titans. The Titans got everyone’s attention when they beat the defending champion New England Patriots and the odds-on favorite Baltimore Ravens in two straight games.

Ryan Tannehill's wife Lauren Tannehill

Lauren, who used social media to cheer on the team during the whole run, was one of the most well-known fans.

Even though the Titans lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round of the playoffs, Ryan’s family loves and supports him. Lauren is glad to be a part of his journey as a quarterback.

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