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Who is Sally McNeil and Why She Killed Her Husband?

Killer Sally, the newest crime series on Netflix, has generated considerable attention among viewers. A lady named Sally McNeil shot and killed her husband on Valentine’s Day, as depicted in the riveting three-episode documentary series that premiered on the streaming giant Netflix on Wednesday, November 2, 2022.

The series tells the story of Sally McNeil, a bodybuilder who murdered her husband and claimed self-defense. The most recent Netflix true-crime series will feature interviews with the actual Sally and her two children.

Let us inform you that Ray, Sally’s husband, was also a professional bodybuilder. According to a report by Women’s Health, Ray mistreated Sally physically throughout their relationship.

According to Rolling Stone, when Sally shot her husband Ray, she claimed that she was being strangled. Soon after a difficult trial, Sally was charged with second-degree murder and given a lengthy prison sentence. Continue reading to learn all about Sally’s life, including her husband Ray’s murder, as well as her current location.

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Everything About Sally McNeil

Killer Sally’s real name is Sally McNeil, for those of you who were unaware. According to The Independent, she was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the year 1960.

In the Netflix limited series Killer Sally, she describes her difficult background. According to the news source, Sally had “situations when she had to defend herself” during her upbringing.

Sally was exposed to physical violence as she was growing up, and at the time, she thought it was normal. She turned into an athlete during her high school years. Then, she practiced her sprinting, swimming, and diving abilities.

Killer Sally review – a warped true-crime tale of bodybuilder murder |  Television | The Guardian

Sally attended East Stroudsburg State College, now known as the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania, after graduating from high school. According to The Independent, she was admitted to the college in order to become a physical education instructor.

Unfortunately, Sally ran out of money and had no money left for college funds after three and a half years at the institution, so she had to leave. She ultimately joined the Marine Corps after deciding to follow in the footsteps of her uncle and her brother.

Sally first met her future husband Ray while she was serving in the Marine Corps. According to a report by The Daily Beast, she fled her spouse and relocated to Camp Pendleton in California due to his abusive nature. During the same time period, she reportedly began bodybuilding, according to The Independent.

When did Sally first meet her husband, Ray?

On February 14, 1987, Sally competed in her first bodybuilding competition, the Armed Forces Bodybuilding Championship. She placed fourth overall. It was precisely at that moment when she and her husband Ray McNeil first crossed paths. Additionally, he was a bodybuilder and fellow marine.

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Sally stated in an interview with The U.S. Sun, “He resembled the Statue of David. He was handsome. “At first sight, lust” The couple dated for over two months before taking the plunge and tying the knot. Following their marriage, they relocated to Oceanside, California.

Sally remained in the Marines and worked as a cook during her time there. According to the media site, she was released from the military three years into their marriage, after which she considered competing in “muscle worship” or getting paid to wrestle guys on camera to make a fortune.

Muscle, Love & Murder | Sally "Killer Sally" McNeil - YouTube

According to The U.S. Sun, Sally generated enough money for her and her husband Ray to leave the Marines and pursue a bodybuilding career. After a while, the couple began to fight. Shortly thereafter, her husband Ray became extremely concerned about his physical appearance, and around the same time, she discovered one of his lovers.

The Independent alleged that Ray became aggressive at one point in their relationship. He punched his wife Sally in the face, causing her lip to split and her nose to break. In the documentary series, Sally stated that Ray’s childhood physical and sexual abuse made him a violent spouse.

Why did Sally murder Ray, her husband?

According to The Independent, Sally shot her husband Ray following an argument in their flat. The oddest aspect is that the whole story was published precisely eight years after their initial meeting on February 14, 1995.

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Sally fired a total of two shots at Ray. She first shot him in the abdomen, followed by the head. She fired at him because she feared for her life and was unaware of what Ray was capable of doing to her. She dialed 911 and reported, “I just shot my husband because he had just beaten me.”

Two of Sally and Ray’s children were affected by the tragedy

Together, Sally and Ray welcomed two children, a daughter named Shantina and a son named John. Both of the couple’s adult children remember their father’s maltreatment.

The Guardian reports that the couple’s kid John was in fourth grade when his mother Sally shot and murdered his father Ray. According to a recording, he was overheard telling his mother in the interrogation room, “If you felt I was going to murder you, then it was self-defense.”

Shantina McNeil Now: Where is Sally McNeil's Daugther Today? Update

Shantina, the daughter of Sally and Ray, recalled hearing her mother Sally gasping for air while Ray abused her, according to her statement to the media site. Additionally, the media site said that Ray once fractured Sally’s nose in front of the couple’s two children.

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What did Sally McNeil plead guilty to?

The U.S. Sun reported in 1996 that Sally McNeil was subsequently found guilty of second-degree murder. At that time, she was given a 19-year prison sentence.

How old is Sally currently?

According to prior reports, Sally McNeil was born in 1960, making her 62 years old at this time. The U.S. Sun reports that Sally was only 27 years old when she fatally murdered her husband Ray.

Where is she Now?

According to the New York Daily News, Sally was formerly incarcerated at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California, but she was released on parole in June 2020 after 25 years in prison.

On May 29, 2020, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation granted her parole. According to The U.S. Sun, Sally McNeil currently resides in Northern California.

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After serving a lengthy jail sentence, Sally moved to the Veterans Transition Center in California and began working at a warehouse. She is currently a grandmother.

“Killer Sally” is a Netflix documentary that gives her side of the story

Yes, you read that correctly. Killer Sally, a limited true-crime series on Netflix, will cover the whole life of competitive bodybuilder Sally McNeil and provide a closer look at her personal life, as well as the case.

The documentary series Killer Sally consists of three total episodes. Wednesday, November 2, 2022, all three episodes were uploaded to the Netflix streaming service. Netflix has not yet made an official statement concerning a second season.

The three-part series will provide a detailed picture of the situation. In the series, you will get the opportunity to view in-depth interviews with Sally regarding what occurred prior to and after 1995.

Have you yet viewed the true-crime series, Killer Sally? If you have watched the documentary series, please share your thoughts in the space below. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you can do so immediately, since Killer Sally is exclusively available on Netflix. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the newest updates from the entertainment industry.

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