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Who is the wife of Stanley Tucci, Felicity Blunt?

Felicity Blunt, the wife of Stanley Tucci, has a high-flying career AND a renowned sibling.

He is the attractive American actor known for The Devil Wears Prada, Julie & Julia, and the upcoming BBC drama Inside Man, and his cocktail tutorials kept us occupied during the lockdown. However, many are curious about the woman behind the camera, Felicity Blunt, well-known as Stanley Tucci’s wife.

In 2012, the 60-year-old actor wed his second wife, and in 2018, Stanley and Felicity welcomed their second child. And despite their age gap, they appear to be blissfully married, having a love for exquisite cuisine and literature.

Who is the wife of Stanley Tucci, Felicity Blunt?

Felicity Blunt is a literary agent with Curtis Brown, a publishing talent firm. The 42-year-old has collaborated with authors of fiction such as Rosamund Lipton, Jilly Cooper, and Danielle Steel.

Felicity has also dabbled in nonfiction, particularly recipes by Anna Jones and Claire Ptak, who baked the wedding cake for Prince Harry and Meghan. In addition, she has collaborated with her husband Stanley on his prior publications and his new food memoir, Taste: My Life Through Food.


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She trained as a barrister before interning at the Wylie Agency and Curtis Brown, where she has been employed since 2005.

She wrote about her reading preferences, “My tastes in literature are diverse, but they are united by my desire to reflect unique stories and intelligent voices.” “I want to feel passionate about the story and have complete faith in the world the author has created.”

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Stanley revealed in a recent interview with People magazine that Felicity assisted him during his cancer treatment. In 2017, the actor was diagnosed with a tumor near the base of his tongue, and in 2018, he received chemotherapy.

He told the publication, “Felicity’s unending care, affection, and encouragement got me through it.”

What is the number of Stanley Tucci’s children?

Felicity and Stanley have two children together: son Matteo, age seven, and daughter Emilia, age four. In addition, Stanley has three older children from a prior marriage: Isabel, Nicolo, and Camilla.

In an interview with House Beautiful, Stanley disclosed that his children share his passion for food, with their first question upon his return from work being “What’s for dinner?” “We always set the table with candles to create a pleasant atmosphere. Typically, we consume a simple dish such as a pasta bake. Nico enjoys helping out, Camilla enjoys baking, and Isabel has no interest in eating.

He said, “But they’re good at cleaning up, and I’ve made an effort to be better.”

What is Felicity and Stanley’s address?

Felicity and Stanley reside in a popular area in Richmond-Upon-Thames in South London. Stanley described his home as a “quite friendly 1900s semi-detached” to House Beautiful. He continued, “It is very much a family house.” “I wish our home was a bit broader, but it does have a long backyard, so we’re intending to convert the kitchen into a large living/working/cooking/dining area.”


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Through his cocktail and cooking videos, Stanley’s Instagram followers can glimpse his “mid-century modern” abode. One post titled “Yesterday’s brunch” depicts Stanley preparing breakfast in his white marble and a cool grey-colored kitchen (with many a Le Creuset dish on display). He then consumes his meal outside, providing spectators with a glimpse of his garden.

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In 2013, Stanley, who was born and raised in New York, immigrated permanently to the United Kingdom. Since then, he has remained in London, and he has even admitted to ‘liking the rain’, which is certainly a good thing considering the British climate.

Are Emily and Felicity Blunt related?

Yes, Felicity Blunt is the older sister of Emily Blunt. Two of four children were born to the former actress and teacher Joanna and her husband, the barrister Oliver Blunt QC.

Felicity and Emily have another sister named Susannah and an actor brother named Sebastian. Emily was a bridesmaid at Stanley and Felicity’s wedding in September 2012, indicating that the two sisters are extremely close.

How did Stanley Tucci’s wife and he meet?

In 2006, Stanley Tucci first met his future wife Felicity at the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada. However, Stanley was married to his first wife Kate Tucci at the time.

Not until Emily Blunt’s 2010 wedding to John Krasinski did they reconnect. After this, the couple’s relationship became passionate.

Felicity accepted Stanley’s dinner invitation during her sister’s wedding. They discovered that they shared a passion for food, which Stanley admires in his wife.

“That weekend, we began conversing and ended up discussing cuisine,” stated Stanley. “We adore food; what restaurants, etc. do you recommend?

“Immediately following, I was traveling to London to film a feature. So I said, “Let’s get together,” and we did. The first time we went out together, we ate at this small restaurant.

“Though the food wasn’t particularly tasty. However, we had a wonderful experience. Then, we went to the restaurant L’Anima, where we ultimately held our wedding celebration.”

Stanley claimed that shortly thereafter, the two dined for four hours at another restaurant. When Felicity requested to see the cheese cart, a full Stanley was duly impressed. He stated, “I thought that was incredible.”

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During a romantic trip to Berlin in November 2011, Stanley popped the question to Felicity. A year later, in August 2012, the couple secretly wed.

They had a second, formal wedding at London’s Middle Temple Hall. Steve Buscemi was the best man, and Meryl Streep, Patricia Clarkson, Julianne Moore, and Colin Firth were among the guests.

And the highlight? The wedding cake turned out to be stacked cheese wheels, as a nod to an incident involving cheese that occurred when the couple first began dating.

What is Stanley Tucci’s age gap from his wife?

The age difference between Stanley Tucci and his wife, Felicity, is 18 years. Stanley, who is 61 years old, was born on November 11, 1960. While his wife Felicity will turn 43 on January 8 of next year, he will turn 44.

They appear to be happily married and have collaborated on a number of projects.

What happened to the first wife of Stanley Tucci?

“You never stop mourning. It is still difficult after 11 years “Stanley told CBS’s Holly Williams on Sunday morning. “It is still difficult. It will always be difficult. But you can’t let sadness consume your life, and she would never want any of us to wallow in our sorrow and allow it to rule our lives. She never desires such a thing. She was not this way.”

Four years after Kate’s death, the now-60-year-old rediscovered love with his second wife, Felicity. And, in a remarkable twist of fate, the two women really met before Kate’s death.

Stanley explained to Marc Maron on the “WTF” podcast in February 2021 that he and Kate met Felicity in 2006 at the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada.

“She and Kate spoke at that night’s premiere, and I have a photo of them together, which is really bizarre,” he revealed. “Eventually, many years later, I married Felicity.”

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