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Who is Violet Affleck? Here is all the information you need about Violet Affleck

Benjamin Géza Affleck, also known as Ben Affleck, is a Hollywood actor whose personal and professional lives have been in the spotlight. On July 16, he secretly married Ain’t Your Mama singer Jennifer Lopez in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Ben and Lopez celebrated their wedding with a second opulent ceremony at Ben Affleck’s expansive Georgia house shortly thereafter. Before becoming married to Jenny from the Block singer, Ben was married to the 13 Going on 30 actress Jennifer Garner.

In 2005, the star of Good Will Hunting walked down the aisle with Jennifer Garner. The former couple who split in 2018 had three children: Violet and Seraphina Affleck, and Samuel Affleck. Continue reading to learn more about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s eldest child, Violet Affleck.

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Here is all the information you need about Violet Affleck

Violet Affleck is the eldest daughter of Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, who starred in Deep Water. On December 1, 2005, the former couple welcomed their first child together, Violet Affleck.

The adolescent is an exact replica of her beautiful mother, Jennifer Garner. A close insider informed In Touch Weekly in 2019 that Violet had “similar personality traits, such as a fondness for cooking.” According to the source, she is a “true momma’s girl.”

What did Ben Affleck say about his oldest daughter, Violet Affleck ?

During a 2020 interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, the Dazed and Confused actor divulged information about his oldest daughter, Violet, and praised her Spanish fluency.

Who is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's daughter, Violet Affleck?

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At this point, Affleck spoke about his daughter Violet and stated, “She has always been a really bright student, and she has always been interested in Spanish, so I would often assist her. Now that she is in a higher grade, she is enrolled in more difficult Spanish lessons, and she is improving. She is almost at the point where I believe she will pass me.

Ben continued with a chuckle, “I was like, ‘Nope. This is not occurring. I don’t mind that I can’t help you with your math homework when you’re 14, but you will never be better at Spanish than I am. So I have decided to enroll in school. I must take action to keep up.”

There are two younger siblings to Violet Affleck

Violet Affleck is the older sibling of her two younger siblings, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck and Samuel Affleck. Seraphina, the second child of the He’s Just Not That Into You actor and The Adam Project actress, was born on January 6, 2009.

The couple welcomed their third child, son Samuel, on February 27, 2012. According to Ben, his son Samuel enjoys baseball and has become quite adept at the sport over time.

Do you believe that Violet Affleck is a carbon copy of her mother Jennifer Garner? Please share your thoughts on the matter in the box below under “Comments.” Don’t forget to stay tuned for the newest updates from the entertainment industry.

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