Who and Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

Who and Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?
Who and Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

In March 2011, a gunfight in the parking lot of a drugstore in Meridian, Idaho, irrevocably altered Ashlee Birk’s life. Emmett Corrigan, her husband, was the victim of the shooting event.

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Till Death Us Do Part: Three Pops and a Pause’ details how the case was solved when the authorities learned about Emmett’s involvement with the killer’s wife.

Also featured on the show was Ashlee. She had five children with Emmett and discussed her experiences during the period of the murder. Then, shall we determine where Ashlee and the children may be today?

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Who Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids?

Ashlee grew up with five siblings, and her parents separated when she was around 9 years old. She was interested in music and cheerleading as a kid.

Ashlee met Emmett in 2003 when she was 21 years old and pursuing a degree in human development at Utah State University. They struck it off quickly and wed in March of 2004.

Who and Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

In the years that followed, the couple had three daughters and two sons. While Emmett pursued a legal career, Ashlee remained a stay-at-home mommy.

By the end of 2010, though, Ashlee believed that Emmett had changed. He had grown aloof, and she sensed that he was seeing someone else.

She stated, “I began to believe there must be another lady or something, and the children began to ask, ‘Does he still reside here?’ He is constantly working.'” Emmett was having an affair with his paralegal, Kandi Hall, proving that Ashlee’s suspicions were right.

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Ashlee merely thought that her husband had an affair at the time of the occurrence. She was determined to make things work with Emmett, and on March 11, 2011, she organized a special evening in the hopes of reuniting them.

Who and Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

Nevertheless, Emmett arrived home late, and when she brought up their marital problems, they argued. Emmett then left, claiming he was on his way to the drugstore to pick up some medication. He planned to meet Kandi there.

Emmett was shot and killed in the parking lot by Rob Hall, Kandi’s husband. When Ashlee discovered her husband’s adultery and death, she experienced a tornado of emotions.

She stated, “It made no sense, and I felt a mixture of emotions, thinking, ‘Why wasn’t I enough? Why wasn’t I enough for a husband who had a moment and a chance — I begged him to stay home and fight for me, but instead, he died fighting for someone else’s wife.”

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Where are Ashlee Birk’s children now?

In 2013, following Rob Hall’s conviction for the murder of Emmett, Ashlee spoke at his sentence hearing. She said that the shooting not only took Emmett’s life but also destroyed her family.

Regarding Rob’s apologies, Ashlee stated, “I appreciated that he looked into my eyes. I depended on him to complete this task.

Who and Where Are Ashlee Birk and Her Kids Now?

In the years following the murder, Ashlee created the blog The Moments We Stand with the hope that it would be therapeutic. It turned out to be much more when several other blog readers expressed the same thoughts.

Ashlee also launched A Reason to Stand, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to those who have experienced trauma.

Since then, Ashlee has wed Scott Boyson, and the couple has had two kids. Approximately seven years after Emmett’s death, they met. Ashlee currently resides in Utah with her family.

All of her children with Emmett are now adults and appear to be doing well. In addition, Ashlee is a motivational speaker and author of books based on her experiences.

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