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Blake Lively’s Dating History: Who is the Gossip Girl Dating? 

Hey Guys! in this world no one can assume who is dating whom. So, if you’re interested in Blake Lively’s dating history, you’ve come to the right place.

Blake was a great actress and work in numerous movies and seasons and fans are always curious about knowing with whom she dating. Let’s read the full post to know about Blake’s lively dating history.

Blake Lively has gone a long way since appearing in one of the most iconic adolescent dramas, ‘Gossip Girl’ Blake, who grew up in the entertainment world, desired to avoid the spotlight and attend college.

Nevertheless, destiny had other plans for the actress. She appeared alongside Alexis Bledel and America Ferrera in “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

It was a major accomplishment for her. However, Blake’s ‘Gossip Girl’ character Vanessa van der Woodsen gave her a household celebrity.

In addition to her impressive film and television resume, the actress dated an interesting array of actors before meeting her ideal man, Ryan Reynolds.

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Blake Lively dated her co-star on ‘Simon Says,’ Kelly Blatz

Before starring in the 2006 horror movie “Simon Says,” the co-stars were already dating. The couple’s relationship began in 2004. They have a long history of friendship because they attended Burbank High School together.

Blake Lively dated her co-star on 'Simon Says,' Kelly Blatz- Thetoughtackle

Due to distance concerns, their relationship lasted just a short time. Blake began signing films in Hollywood, while Kelly concurrently pursued his singing career and acting career. Consequently, the pair ended their relationship in 2007.

Blake Lively was romantically involved with her “Gossip Girl” co-star Penn Badgley

Blake, unlike Kelly, met Penn on the set of their television program, “Gossip Girl.” They were placed directly across from one another as Vanessa and Dan Humphrey.

Blake Lively was romantically involved with her "Gossip Girl" co-star Penn Badgley- Thetoughtackle

Fans and the actress herself both dismissed the claim that Lively and Badgley were dating when rumors of their relationship began to circulate. She stated, “Everyone is always trying to pry into your personal life or invent things that don’t exist… It’s absurd.”

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Nevertheless, in 2008, the actress told Cosmopolitan, “I’m happier than I’ve ever been. After the photos from Holiday in Mexico were released, Penn Badgley was described as “extremely stoic, composed, and assured.” However, the actors ended their relationship in 2010 while filming episodes of “Gossip Girl” due to a contractual role.

The actor and actress were together for some time

Blake and the ‘La La Land actress began dating at the height of their respective careers. The first public sighting occurred in 2010 in Disneyland, where they were spotted enjoying ice cream.

The actor and actress were together for some time- Thetoughtackle

During the premiere and after party of Gosling’s film “Blue Valentine” in the same year, they were frequently sighted together. An insider told E! News, “They’ve gone on a few dates and are certainly attracted to each other, but I don’t believe it’s anything too serious just yet.

Yes, they are dating informally, but I could see it getting more serious.” In 2011, both sides ended their relationship and went on with their careers and romantic lives.

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

Blake and Leo met for the first time when she auditioned for the role of a British actress in “The Great Gatsby.” Although Lively did not receive the role, Leonardo was utterly charmed by the actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio and rumoured new flame Blake Lively attempt a low profile on French leg of holiday | Daily Mail Online

He began seeing her in 2011, breaking his norm of dating exclusively models. They were pictured together aboard Steven Spielberg’s boat at Cannes in 2011. In the pre-digital age, both actors overcame the difficulty of separation.

The executive producer of ‘Gossip Girl’ stated, “When I think of filming the L.A. episodes, I recall that Blake was dating Leonardo DiCaprio at the time, and she had this doll of which she shot photographs and sent to Leo.

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Blake was years ahead of his peers. It was before Instagram. She was photographing her life in a way that no one had before done.” Their connection was exemplified by the term “summer fling.”

Blake prepared delectable meals for the ‘Inception’ star throughout their travels around Europe and Australia. However, Blake and DiCaprio broke their relationship in September 2011.

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