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Brie Larson Shares Pic in Orange Bikini, Looks like Very Sweaty

In an orange bikini, the “Captain Marvel” actress took selfies during her morning workout! Look!

The 33-year-old actress posted three photos of herself sweating during a morning workout on Instagram on Thursday. Sitting barefoot, she showed off her pedicure.

She faced the camera with an orange bikini top and bottoms. Brie joked, “Morning sweat session 101: must involve selfies.”

Fans Were Distracted By The Size Of Her Feet!

Not all fans liked her sweaty photos. “I’m thinking size 11 in men’s,” one reviewer said of her feet. “Please cover your feet,” said another. One user called her “Flat a—Ms. Marvel!” for additional body flaws.

Brie Larson snaps selfies during her morning.

Her post also contained compliments. She was dubbed the “Strongest Avenger” and “Those curves” by followers. Another fan praised her “amazing grin” and called her “perfect,” “beautiful,” and “gorgeous.”

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Fans Love To See Her Promoting Fitness!

Fans continued to gush over her post, with one admirer describing her photos as “so adorable” and another calling them “wonderful.” Another admirer referred to the actor of “Room” as a “beautiful muse,” while another fan referred to her as a “beautiful princess.”

Fans Love To See Her Promoting Fitness!

“I appreciate that you promote exercise,” commented a second enthusiast. “Exercise is beneficial.” Brie has maintained her training even though she hasn’t posted many fitness videos since she ceased preparing for her part as the legendary Marvel superhero. In November, she posted a video of a rigorous workout set to Taylor Swift’s popular ballad “Anti-Hero.”

Brie Larson Shares Her “Anti-Hero” Characteristic… And This Is Not What Fans Anticipated!

A little over a month ago, on November 12, the “Avengers: Endgame” actress posted a video on Instagram in which she wore a checkered sports bra, high-waisted leggings, and shoes. She pushed a weighted sled down the brickwork outside in the sunshine with her blonde hair in space buns.


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Taylor sings in the background, “It’s me. Hi. I am the issue; I am the issue. It’s me. Hi. I am the problem, I am the problem.” Brie said in the caption, “My @AntiHero trait? Rejecting traditional exercises.” Fans and famous friends alike adored her video, with Paris Hilton posting a single fire emoji on her Snapchat account.

Many fans were excited to witness “Brie in her Swiftie era,” while others demanded a musical duet between Brie Larson and Taylor Swift. As seen by her performance in the 2010 film “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” some may forget that Brie has a phenomenal singing voice. Other fans requested that she perform a song from Taylor Swift’s most recent album, “Midnights.”

Nonetheless, sadly, there were also some trolls on this thread. “She is already underweight. “She has already lost her superhuman form,” observed one person. “This is known as muscular definition on a slender physique. This shows that you have no understanding of how muscles function. Another follower clapped back, “Sit down!” “Not every powerful individual is muscular. You should observe Chris Hemsworth outside of his training…”

Brie is nearly as powerful as it gets!


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In an additional Instagram image dated April 8, 2018, the “Kong: Skull Island” actress was seen performing glute bridges with hefty weight. Brie wrote in the caption, “335/350/400 byeeeee” One admirer said that they were “very jelly” while viewing the video.

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