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Gigi Hadid Shows How to Layer with a Shining Sweater and Maxi Skirt

The model dressed for the colder weather while being fashionable.

Gigi Hadid’s layered street style celebrates fall themes even as the weather turns colder.

Yesterday, the model stopped by the Soho pop-up for her cashmere brand Guest in Residence, where she donned a warm and functional ensemble with a burst of color.

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Her outfit consisted of a chilly black leather jacket with a forest-green lining that she put over a geometric yellow, pink, and grey knit sweater and a black denim maxi skirt fastened with a black belt.

She completed the ensemble with a pair of reddish-tan Schutz knee-high boots, as well as accessories such as baby blue hoop earrings, gold necklaces, a variety of rings, and a pair of black sunglasses with orange lenses.


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Since the brand’s debut, Hadid has worn her cashmere items in a variety of street-style ensembles, ranging from casual cardigans to classic coats.

During a visit to the pop-up last month, she also put her own touch on the classic après-ski ensemble, wearing a steel grey knit combo consisting of a sweater with an attached hoodie and matching leggings.

She finished the outfit with square-toe-heeled black shoes and a colorful gray-and-red plaid handbag, framing the set with a black button-up vest and a matching full-length leather coat.

Hadid has discussed her desire to stress comfort in her personal style with

“My life objective is to seem as fashionable or put together as possible while remaining comfortable,” she explained. “Even on red carpets, I very seldom wear things that make me feel uncomfortable throughout the event because I just feel like I can’t be myself as much when I’m thinking about what I’m wearing in that sense.”

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