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Is Michael Cimino gay, and who is his girlfriend?

Since its premiere on Hulu on June 17, 2020, the lovable romantic comedy ‘Love Victor‘ has made waves. The sitcom follows the main character, Victor, as he navigates the stormy world of high school. Victor has, however, another secret up his sleeve.

Victor has had trouble investigating and accepting his sexual orientation, and the show depicts brilliantly how he eventually comes to terms with his gayness.

The series was created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger as a sequel to the hit film ‘Love, Simon,’ which takes place in the same universe. Michael Cimino did an excellent job portraying the protagonist’s battle with his sexual identity.

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Fans quickly began to question if Michael is homosexual in real life, as he merged with the persona and portrayed the role so flawlessly. If so, does this explain Michael’s outstanding representation of Victor? Let’s investigate, shall we?

Is Michael Cimino Gay?

Michael Cimino does not identify as a homosexual person. Instead, the evidence indicates that he is straight. However, Michael has often expressed how pleased he was to portray a homosexual character in the program and how hard he worked to make his portrayal believable.

Michael said in an interview with People that his gay relative was instrumental in preparing him for the program.

The actor stated that he wanted everyone to be able to relate to Victor regardless of their sexual orientation, thus he did not rely solely on external guidance. Michael, following his cousin’s advice, infused some of his personality into the part.

Michael Cimino Books Victor Follow-Ups: 'Never Have I Ever,' 'B-Loved' –  The Hollywood Reporter

Michael also revealed that he intended to advocate for his cousin through part of Victor, stating, “I really wanted to be the voice he didn’t have, as well as for the other children that are or were in his position. This was a major motivating factor for me, in addition to the fact that I had many gay friends.”

Michael found himself on the other side of an ongoing controversy about whether homosexual characters should only be portrayed by actual gay performers.

Michael vehemently opposed this line of thought and declared that he believed anybody could play a character from the LGBTQiA+ community on-screen, provided the actor in question was willing to put in the required effort.

Michael stated in an interview with Pink News, “I do not believe anyone should play a part that does not honor the event and its gravity in an honest and real manner.” Any actor who is only in it for the money and will not do a role with integrity should not be permitted to play that role.

Michael Cimino emociona con video sin pantalones - Homosensual

Michael even said that he was discouraged from portraying a gay character in his first significant job by a number of individuals. However, the gifted actor opted to disregard the counsel and instead follow his heart.

Michael wanted to eliminate the stereotype and stigma associated with gay characters, therefore he accepted the challenge of portraying Victor. Michael stated, in reference to having an impression through his behavior,

You must make the intentional decision to ignore these prejudices and simply deviate from the standard. Because the only way to alter the industry or the standard is to, so to say, put your money where your mouth is and go forward.”

Michael Cimino’s Girlfriend

Michael Cimino is a very quiet individual who wants to avoid the public eye. Michael attended the 2017 prom with actress Gianna Adams, but their romance never developed. New claims linking the actor to social media personality Mava Gomez surfaced in 2018.

The two were sighted together in 2019 and even appeared in one other’s Instagram postings. There were rumors that they were dating, and fans were thrilled about the cute couple. Mava and Michael were last seen together at the ‘Annabelle Comes Home premiere.

Since then, the pair has neither appeared together nor published Instagram photos of themselves. There was a period of relative calm, with rumors of a prospective breakup circulating.

Michael Cimino’s Girlfriend

Michael later acknowledged their separation by explaining why he did not delete the couple’s photographs after their separation. Michael mentioned in an Instagram remark that Mava was a significant part of his life and he did not want to lose her so soon.

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Nonetheless, it appears Michael is over Mava since the couple’s photos have been removed from his social media platforms. Moreover, the lack of a significant other is readily obvious in his shared photographs.

Thus, it appears that Michael Cimino is now unmarried and devoting all of his energy to refining his trade.