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Mindy Kaling’s, healthy eating secret is super easy for weight loss

In an interview with Entertainment Today earlier this year, actress and comedian Mindy Kaling revealed her easy-to-follow diet, which allows her to constantly look stunning.

The important? It is not actually a diet. “I have never found a restricted diet to be effective for me. I simply consume less of it… I wish there was something more exciting or exciting about how I’ve shed a few pounds, but that’s how I’ve done it “She stated,


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Mindy gave birth to her second kid in September 2020, and she stated that having a child during the epidemic removed the burden of the toxic culture of “getting back in shape.

Mindy, comparing the event to the birth of her daughter, stated: “Two months after giving birth to my kid, I had to film a movie, so I was like, “Just give me grilled salmon and sautéed spinach. This will be my diet for the next three months.”


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Mindy also reframed her view of exercise, revealing that she previously believed that it had to be “punitive.”

The actress and comedian said that she “tried really hard to let go of this idea of losing weight for cosmetic reasons and really tried to think about how I can be healthy.” She said that she now knows that her own goals include “moving my body a lot, staying hydrated, and then not having negative connotations”

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In an interview with People, the mother of two said that she likes to change up her workouts by “jogging, walking, doing yoga, pilates, strength training, tai chi, and more.”

“I think it’s really good for my body to do a lot of different things to surprise my body,” she said.

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