Who Is the Late Barbara Walters’ Daughter, Jacqueline Guber?

Who Is the Late Barbara Walters' Daughter, Jacqueline Guber?
Who Is the Late Barbara Walters' Daughter, Jacqueline Guber?

We were heartbroken to hear on December 30, 2022, that dear Barbara Walters had gone away at the age of 93, and our hearts go out to her daughter, Jacqueline Denise Guber. Continue reading to learn more about the lone kid of the deceased journalist.

Jacqueline, the daughter of Barbara Walter, was adopted in 1968

The presenter of The View was married to her second husband, Lee Guber, when Jacqueline entered her life. During a night out with another couple, they volunteered to take the daughter they did not want.

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In 2014, she said on Oprah’s Master Class, “My husband and I chose to adopt a child after experiencing three miscarriages.”

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Jacqueline Walters is named after someone close to Barbara Walters

Barbara disclosed before that she named her daughter Jacqueline after her sister, Jacqueline Walters.

Jacqueline, the daughter of Barbara Walters, had a rough childhood

Growing up was difficult for Jacqueline as she grappled with the fame of her famous mother. In addition to her private struggle with addiction, she ran away from home at age 15.

Jacqueline previously claimed in an NBC News interview, “I was a runaway.” “I enjoyed running. I believed that running would fix all of my difficulties. Within a month before to her abduction, Jacqueline had traveled around 800 kilometers. In 2013, Jacqueline was subsequently arrested for DUI.

Heartbreaking reasons behind Barbara Walters' tenacious ambition

Jacqueline, the daughter of Barbara Walters, once managed a program for problematic adolescent girls:

The name of Jacqueline’s program was New Horizons for Young Women, and it was a wilderness rehabilitation program situated in Maine. Sadly, she was forced to close her business in 2008.

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At the time of the company’s closing, she said on its website, “I have been so privileged to obtain the most fantastic education and relationships from this profession.”

Is Barbara Walters’ daughter, Jacqueline, married?

In 2000, Jacqueline met her ex-husband, wilderness guide Mark Danforth, and they relocated to Maine, where Jacqueline founded an organization to assist adolescent females.

While little is known about this marriage, we do know that it ended in divorce and that she went on to marry twice more, first Scott Pontius and then Dennis Pinkham.

During this terrible time, all of Barbara’s loved ones are in our thoughts. May she rest peacefully.

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