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The ICA issues a press release reporting the incident involving Wriddhiman Saha

The journalist threatened and agitated Wriddhiman Saha.

Wriddhiman Saha was allegedly ‘threatened’ by a journalist to be interviewed, according to the Indian Cricketers’ Association.

The ICA letter emphasised that while media plays an important part in any sector, the “line should never be crossed.” The ICA considers Saha’s event to be inappropriate and has asked Wriddhiman Saha to divulge the journalist’s name so that stern action may be taken against him.

ICA also declared that they stand with the experienced Indian wicket-keeper and will not allow any kind of ‘threat’ from anyone. ICA requested the media to support Saha and expose the wrongdoers of this serious act.

Here is the Press Release:

image courtesy: @IndCricketAssoc/twitter