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“Was In Team As A Batsman, Felt Everything Was Thrown At Me”: Hardik Pandya Breaks Silence On His T20 World Cup ‘Setback’

Hardik clarified that he was picked as a batsman in the team and not as an all-rounder.

India batsman and right-arm fast- medium bowler Hardik Pandya, stated how he ‘pushed’ himself to bowl in the second game of the 2021 T20 World Cup despite being picked up as a batsman in the team.

Thinking of the championship, he admitted that he felt pressure was on him amidst the criticism that India were lacking a sixth-bowling option after the 1o-wicket loss to Pakistan in their series opener.

In conversation with Boaria Mujmdar, Hardik clarified that he was selected as a batsman in the team, not an all-rounder, however he still tried his level best to start bowling. Hardik admitted that he felt some vibe that “everything was thrown at” him.

“I was kind of getting the sense or vibe that a lot of things came on me. Obviously that is fine. I play the sport, I get the…but the position in which we were and when I went, I felt everything was kept on me, everything was thrown at me. I didn’t bowl, yes, but I was selected in the team as a batsman. I worked really hard to bowl in the first game, which obviously I was not able to. I got hit the first game and in the second game when I pulled, I wasn’t supposed to go. I pushed for my team but eventually setbacks as you said things happen,” he said.

The player also expressed that he does not want to rush into his bowling, however the idea is to come into his peak when the T20I World Cup 2022 arrives, and for the IPL 2022 will be a nice preparation.

“For now, my plan is to get prepared for the T20 World Cup 2022, obviously IPL is there and it will be a nice preparation for me, But my main ultimate goal wil always be to win the upcoming T20 World Cup for India,” he further added.

Hardik Pandya is set to lead the new Ahmedabad based franchise in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 under his captaincy.