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American Gigolo Season 2: Why Was American Gigolo Abbreviated?

On September 11, 2022, Showtime debuted the drama and romance series American Gigolo in its entirety. It’s a television adaptation of the 1980 film American Gigolo. There are a total of eight episodes.

Already, audiences are curious about the continuance of American Gigolo, which piques our interest as well. Julian Kaye, a former gigolo proven innocent after 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, must pick up the shattered pieces while the detective who incarcerated him attempts to solve the mystery that led to his incarceration.

By reuniting with his former sweetheart Michelle, his problematic mother, and other sex workers, Julian strives to reconcile his escort past with the man he is today. Let’s see if the second season of the show is renewed.

Is Season 2 of ‘American Gigolo’ in the Works?

Currently, American Gigolo has not been renewed for a second season. It is also understandable, given that the series has recently concluded and it takes time to renew a show for a new season.

American Gigolo Season 2

The likelihood of renewal is likely influenced by viewership and audience preferences. However, it appears unlikely that ‘American Gigolo’ will return for a second season. First, the series was reduced from 10 to 8 episodes, which has its own set of motives.

Nonetheless, Mol implied in an interview that a second season is improbable. Mol stated, “This is a bit of escapism that we rarely witness. There are hardly many shows like this nowadays. I enjoy the show’s darkness, as well as its realistic depictions of love, sorrow, and exploitation.

However, it remains a pleasant and sleek ride. I hope that it is well-balanced and that people will enjoy it.”

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Why Was American Gigolo Abbreviated?

Hollander, the original showrunner of the series, was abruptly fired from production in April after a misconduct inquiry generated a multitude of issues. For the same reason, episodes were shortened.

O’Donnell said to a reporter, “Then he was terminated, which was strange. Many of us joined the show in order to collaborate with him. Then, this occurred somewhat unexpectedly. They informed us one day that David had been fired, but did not explain why.

American Gigolo Season 2

We took a few weeks off while the new crew figured out what to do, and then we returned to complete the project. Rosie also stated that it was quite difficult following the departure of the former showrunner. “Yes, it was quite difficult. Everyone was perplexed; no one quite comprehended what was occurring. Numerous rumors circulated on the set.

I went out to David to inquire about his well-being and to invite him to contact me if he ever wanted to talk or get coffee. We have done this several times.

I greatly appreciate his ability to create profoundly emotive characters, and I believe many of us on set were eager to work with him, so it was a significant shift in attitude and direction. In the middle of a series, when one is already fatigued and somewhat worn out, an hour-long drama is a lengthy and difficult schedule. It’s like spending six months in a movie.”

A second season looks doubtful, but if it happens, we may have to wait a bit longer for the renewal announcement. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts on the series in the comment section.