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Andor Episode 9 Release Date: How Did Andor Get Arrested? How to Watch Episode 9 of Andor?

The release date for Andor Episode 9 is undoubtedly what fans have been eagerly awaiting all this time. The series revolves around a thief-turned-spy named Cassian Andor. The series acts as a prequel to Rogue One.

Everything takes place within the Star Wars universe. The series’ primary genres are science fiction and science fiction. The same has been produced for Disney Plus by Tony Gilroy.

In the most current eighth episode, named Narkina 5, it was revealed that Cassian had been arrested. He is transported to the planet Arkina 5, where he is forced to work alongside the other prisoners.

This is a heavy industry task performed by multiple prisoners. Gel and Cintaz believe that Andor is on the planet Ferrix, so they journey there to determine his whereabouts. Maarva falling unwell is a further setback.

Release Date of Andor Episode 9

The release date for Andor Episode 9 is November 2, 2022.

It will be released at 3 AM Eastern time on Disney Plus. New episodes are released every Wednesday.

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Andor Episode 8 Recap

Now, Bix is plainly concerned for her and is aware that she would require Cassian in this situation. Thus, he phones Luthen to inform him of his possible current location. The difficulty arises when Luthen fears that a third party may be tapping their calls and connections. Due to his dread, he remained silent and did not speak.

Later, we observed him leaving Cuscant to meet with Saw Gerrera. Meero enters as he questions Karn about their recent observations of Ferrix.

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When asked if she would assist him in locating Andor, Meero politely declines, which causes a massive misunderstanding. Later, she is seen leading a fleet of starships to Ferrix, where she encounters Bix. Now, if you’re wondering how Andor was arrested in the first place, consider the following.

How Did Andor Get Arrested?

Cassian returned to Ferrix in the seventh episode of this season to settle eom4eof his elder debts from the past. While he is here, Box informs him that the whole Ferrix community blames him for the aftermath of the Corporate Security Crackdown.

Stromtroppers exist on Ferrix as well. Cassian is reminded of Clem and Maarv’s husband upon seeing them. Cassian’s adoptive father was Clem. Both of these individuals were slain by Clone Troopers of the Empire many years ago.

Maarva has opted to remain in Ferrix and oppose the growing presence of Imperialism despite Cassian’s repeated requests for her to escape with him. After failing again, he resolves to journey alone to the tropical tourist paradise.

Here, he encounters both Shoretroopers and the KX Unit. They have gathered to arrest Cassian due to the numerous allegations against him involving minor infractions. They take him to serve a six-year prison sentence.

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How to Watch Episode 9 of Andor?

When Episode 9 of Andor is released on Disney Plus, it is readily accessible. We’ve previously specified the designated date and time for the event. The service costs approximately $7.99 per month.

It does not display advertisements in this version. Fans will also have the opportunity to purchase a membership to Hulu and Disney Plus combined in order to receive additional discounts and enjoy a more convenient experience.