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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 Ending Recap: Who is Winner!

When the TNT drama murdered Ellen Barkin’s viperish Smurf, executive producer John Wells smirked to TVLine back in 2019. “By the time we get to the conclusion, we don’t anticipate anyone to be alive.”

Nonetheless, at least two significant characters survived the series’ sixth and final season finale with their hearts still beating. It wasn’t easy, with Craig and Deran committing what was possibly the thieves’ most challenging crime yet — getting big brother Pope out of jail — while J was stabbing his uncles in the rear. However, two of the Codys made it out alive. Which ones are they? Continue reading to learn about the episode’s horrific details. Then, in the comments, you may share your thoughts on the show’s finale, the season, and the series as a whole.

J’s double cross began as “FUBAR” began. Rather than assist Deran and Craig in extricating Pope from the jail transfer bus — not to mention the grip of a vindictive convict — J made his way back to Smurf’s residence. There, he used a burner phone to inform authorities of the location of the storage area where his uncles had hidden their cash and heavy armament, as well as the getaway cars, which they’d soon find had flats.

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When the cops came to see J, he gave a reluctant Penny his alibi – a twist that so shocked her that she chose not to go away with loverboy after all. In reaction, he poisoned her drink. And, despite the fact that we all know J is a cold-blooded killer — right, Mia? Morgan? — he sobbed and ruined the home when she died, no doubt remembering his grandmother’s face with each swing of the bat.

Back in the desert, Pope, Craig, and Deran broke inside a home as the sirens became increasingly loud. The Codys were going to be massively outgunned. What could they possibly do? Pope promised to draw the attention of the cops as Craig and Deran fled. It was their only (sniffle) chance. Knowing that Pope was on a suicide mission, his children hugged him as if it were the final time they would ever see him. But he said, “We’re going to be OK… “I’ll come to get you.”

In reality, Pope did survive, dispatching all of the officers as only a series lead could. At the same time, Craig and Deran robbed a convenience store, stealing money and a first-aid kit. Craig was shot during the procedure by the owner’s child. Deran cried, hoping Craig would be well. He did not. As he drifted away, Deran pledged to look for Renn and nurture Nick as if he were his own child.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 Ending Recap: Who is Winner!