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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17: Release Date, Summary of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 16!

The release date for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17 is imminent. In the most recent episode entitled Clash Landing, it was shown that the current visitors are of the lowest grade. Additionally, those who book their vacation with Bravo are eligible for a substantial discount.

They asked the crew repeatedly about how to leave the port the following day, to the point where it became extremely bothersome. These guests did not merely anger one member of the staff; they irritated the entire crew.

This circumstance aided the split staff in recognizing their shared dislike for this group of guests. Natasha was uniquely asked a series of questions. The daughters of the guests asked her superfluous questions about the ship’s beam length and model.

The audience had a great deal of sympathy for Captain Sandy, who was maintaining order during the episode’s production while also dealing with the crew’s irritation. Obviously wealthy and spoilt, the children have joined the board with their boyfriends.

Now, even the parents of these girls are appalled by their behavior and how they are acting on television. I mean, they are their parents, so they certainly know how their children behave, but nobody would want poor behavior to become public knowledge, correct? The guests were very strange, and the mother of the family was acting exactly like Karen over the hot tub. It would be incorrect to claim that this program did not unite and bond the crew.

Release Date for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17

The release date for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17 is October 31, 2022.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17

It will air at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Bravo. Mondays see the publication of weekly new episodes.

Summary of Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 16

Now we are aware that Natasha, Natalya, and Kyle have been involved in a heated argument. After the crew had to deal with everything because they actually share a roof, the next day was very tranquil. The three reconciled after all the drama.

Kyle even disclosed his trauma and how he needs to heal from some things immediately. He claims that he becomes defensive while discussing his past.

Later, we watch them all embrace one another. Now, Natasha is cautious and attempting to improve herself. Everyone who watches the show is aware that we expected Dave to be a larger individual, but he has severely disappointed us.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17

That evening, he began contacting Natasha again, and these texts were extremely hostile. The next morning, Natasha showed genuine self-respect by requesting that Dave not text her again. This is only permissible if it is linked to his work.

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Now, he is attempting to act like a spoiled brat and displaying pettiness left and right. While she was preparing coffee for the entire crew, he flatly declined her offer to prepare a cup for him.

Later, after causing an entire chain of unwarranted drama in the shop, Dave discusses how he is not feeling so great about the termination of his relationship with Natasha. Our youngster wishes he could go away, and he may actually do it before the season concludes.

How to View Below Deck Mediterranean Episode 17 of Season 7?

When Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 Episode 17 breaths of air on Bravo at the specified day and hour, it can be viewed without difficulty. Eventually, the episodes will be streamable on Peacock. The platform’s most affordable recharge plan is $4.99. A version without advertisements will cost $9.99 per month.